Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 102: “I share God’s will for happiness for me.”  

The Course teaches us the importance of including ourselves in the process of gaining and holding our inner peace and for being light and happy. 

The Course says very clearly extensively throughout that we as individuals need to join in the creating of our desired and fulfilling lives.  We are learning to participate fully in this process.

Victimhood seems so easy to fall into. 

The ego loves to be the victim excessively within our own awareness and the ego likes to claim its victimhood amidst all of our relationships with others.

The ego is an expert at complaining and never admits to a true perspective about how we all play a part in all of our interactions in the manner they proceed.  

We all are fully capable of co-creating this life we live if we just maintain a willingness to do it.  The ego likes to feel sorry for itself because that is the closest the ego knows to be truly engaged in the experience of life.  The ego thinks this is the best we can do so the ego stops at no measure to continually bring us to that place of inner sadness and distress when we feel completely enmeshed in victim mentality.  This is just an old habit.

♦We can undo this if we just make the clear decision that victimhood is not our friend. 

♣We don’t have to accompany victimhood consciousness in our minds all day long.

We can simply set a limit or just stop it and take a deep breath.  We don’t have to let it run its course.  The victim role is just because we may not have enough or any practice in being empowered.

The purpose of the Course is to empower us.  We are given the instructions here how to be truly engaged in the process before us that is the crux of creating our lives.  We have every chance we need to simply get out of the habits of taking care of our lives in ways that we don’t want or when we need to identify with that victim place.

↔All we have to do is remember that it is not real. 

The ego uses it because the ego thinks that being a victim props us up and the ego wants desperately to get bigger. 

But this is a false action because in truth the ego is propping us up on toothpicks.  Whereas, God can and will prop us up with a mountain beneath us.  With God we have wings.

The Course says get out of that victim mind.  When we feel victimized we can’t connect with our true sense of power.  Instead we think we just have to sit still and take with a brave face and a fearful heart some streak of damage from the world.  We forget we can move and get ourselves out of the line of fire.  We can move physically or emotionally and we can take steps to get to a different reality that is no longer in a place that feels threatening.

The Course says that all we have to do is realize that God is always with us.  God is all the strength we need to face with a certain heart whatever force of seeming impasse is on the horizon in our lives.  We have God as the foundation of what makes us strong.  This means that we can simply check within our minds and if we feel afraid of whatever appears to be next, take a moment and pray and ask God for the courage to sit in our certainty no matter what in the process of whatever will happen.  We simply need to feel fine inside throughout the occurrence.  If our boss fires us, sit in our certainty.  If our kids are out late without asking, sit in our certainty.  If our partner gets angry at us, sit in our certainty.  This is the way to have peace and to totally get out of that victim place.

•If we can do nothing else in a situation we fear, we can always meet it with certainty. 

♥This is the true way to empowerment. Certainty equals empowerment.

This is the way to do everything with ease.  We simply stop being afraid because our certainty totally fills our heart.  That is the way to have perfect peace, when we just hold this truth inside of us that God loves us and that we are lovable.


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