ACIM Lesson 346

Lesson 346: “What is a Miracle?”  “Today the peace of God envelopes me, and I forget all things except His Love.”

This lesson says, “Father, I wake today with miracles correcting my perception of all things.” 

The Course reminds us that there is nothing wrong or bad about our perception when we listen to the ego.  

It is simply false. 

We are invited to give that judgement right to God’s altar the second our ego runs to determine that the world is bad or distressful when it grieves us extraordinarily. 

The ego’s vision is simply an error.  It is not bad and it is not that believing this makes us bad. 

Judging everything is the most common activity that the ego does regularly. 

We are invited to just get out of the habit of making the world a problem.

Our correction comes from Godly energy and God’s Will.

We just need to appreciate how ever gentle and delicate is God in this process.

For not a second does God make us the bad guy. 

There is never anything wrong that can’t be fixed with a simple shift in thinking. 

We get to heal our minds and hearts one hundred percent, with the simple acknowledgement that there was never anything bad that happened. 

This just gets us out of the inserting the energetic input we have been loading into this idea.

In this process, we cut off the flow of God’s energy because we are putting more energy behind that idea that judgement is real.

There is nothing bad about our perception.

We just need to get out of that self blame routine, it always leads us to suffering.  

When we start the attack cycle in this process, then we just make things worse. 

This is why the Course’s logic is such a gift that we all need.

We just need to allow our perception to be simply undone. 

When we see that it is not real, it is no longer hard for us to deal with it or at least it is quite less disturbing.

The ego will stand up within us and make sure we suffer over the guilt of the concept that we are sinful.  This judgement causes us real suffering and it is unnecessary so the Course gives us the tools to let it go permanently to God.


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