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Lesson 51: Review: “Nothing I see means anything.”  “I have given all I see all the meaning it has for me.”  “I do not understand anything I see.”  “These thoughts do not mean anything.”  “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

The way to learn non-attachment is to get the message that everything we currently believe in its reality is actually something we made up.  Non-attachment is the way to get to a consistent peace of mind when we operate in the world.  When we are not attached then we don’t struggle with the information that the world is not real.  For a lot of us, hearing that can send our egos over the edge.  The ego is so fixed on making what we see in the world have validity.

The ego insists on being right.  Therefore, when the ego is trying to maintain its rule in our minds and when the ego is trying to promote our continuing identification with physicality and the world, the ego is just spinning its wheels.  This will never work. The ego consistently says that it is the only one with the correct and accurate view of what we see.


The ego just sits and admires internally the perseverance of its control and the talent in making itself always right.

The ego likes to have this sense of control over our perception because this is the only way the ego feels safe in its existence.  If the ego is always in control then it doesn’t have to do anything more drastic than just prevent us from making internal wiggle room to let God in.  What happens if the ego is in charge is that we can’t let go of our attachment.  The ego’s lies are something we cling to because the ego tells us it is the right thing to do.  Then we are stuck in this never-ending war in our minds because we can’t let go of this firm grip we have on our attachment.

When we are attached we don’t know how to let a God filled bit of doubt into our minds.  What the Course teaches us to do over time is simply start out with just rattling the foundation of the current perceptions we have.  The Course is giving us practice here at the beginning just making space in our minds for doubt.  What happens is that our egos sit in this consistent and insane state that they know exactly what is happening and they know exactly how to perceive our lives.  What happens is the ego makes certain that doubt never enters.  The ego’s version of confidence is sitting in this arrogant state of all knowing.   This is unfortunate because this insistence on being right is the root of our misery.

The Course teaches us down the line to undo our thinking.  We are exposed to ideas that are totally contrary to the ego’s view.  God’s perspective shows us how to make space for the possibility we are wrong.  When we add just the smallest amount of space in our minds energetically or emotionally, this simply allows for space to let God in. What the ego likes to do is stay rigidly controlled and never budge from its grip.  This is the reason we feel attachment.  However, when

we simply entertain the idea that we- or the ego- is wrong,

this totally opens our minds. 


Even if it is the smallest space, it is enough to simply get our awareness back into the energy of God.

When we think that God may have a better plan, this is a simple awareness that what the ego plans for us is not working at all.  All we need to do is let God just shine even a little bit of light because we opened our minds to the possibility that the ego’s view may not be correct, then a whole shift in the quality of our reality can be replaced.  All we have to do is get God in the door of our minds.

We don’t have to know how to get God to come in and take over instead for the ego when we learn truly that God is the only One we want.  We don’t have to pretend how to know how to get that to happen.  God is totally capable and happy to do that for us.  The only thing we have to do is allow for that opening in our minds to just let God energy flow in.  All we have to do is practice how it feels to be open to God.  The more we practice this, the easier will come this shift we want to feel.  Ideally we want to have this openness to God always because this is the way we connect to that Love that God showers us with.


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