ACIM Lesson 265

Lesson 265: “What is the Body?”  “Creation’s gentleness is all I see.”

This lesson says,”And how deceived was I to think that what I feared was in the world, instead of in my mind.” 

Gentleness is at the root of our peace.  God’s energy and purpose is wholly gentle. 

The ego is the root of insanity and that always feels and is totally harsh and jagged and piercing.

We always end up completely within our whole system in a state of rigidness when we forget God’s softness. 

And this harsh energy totally effects us in an unpleasant way.

We never, ever feel comfortable when we forget that gentleness, since humans are meant to be light and delicate, within gentleness, and it is the foundation of God’s perfect peace. 

This is why we are asked to stay tuned into our energy and make sure it so gentle above all else.

Then our lives will be wonderful because we are attuned to the energy of God that makes us feel solid in that inner certainty of God and we do everything with an open mind of acceptance and forgiveness while we hold this all in a gentle mind. 

Then we get God within.

We must remember that we want to see the truth about anything our ego’s may be upset about. 

We always tend to make the world the problem and everything outside of our minds.

The Course asks us to dig deeper. 

Blaming the externals is that quick go to that the ego does to try to feel better and more propped up because the ego’s attack energy then feels justified.

The Course reminds us that we are in the extraordinary position of making things totally better because we are not meant to blame the world, which always leaves us in a position of feeling weak, because we see the world as outside of us and a attacking us and not willing to change.  

The Course gives us the accurate answer.

This insane attack cycle comes from our minds solely and we can change it because we are responsible for making it. 

This changes our perspective because then we are empowered to heal the situation and ourselves first and foremost.


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