Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 16: “I have no neutral thoughts.”

What we learn in the Course is how to have a gentle mind.  We are learning to practice our skill and develop our discipline to watch our minds.  What the Course teaches is that our thinking is the basis of our life experience.  Our lives then become a reflection of what our thinking is.  The thought is the thing that is changeable in our human life.  We are encouraged to honor the thought and learn about how we think our thoughts, how we choose our thoughts, how our thoughts are the instruments of our mental experience.  These are the sole building blocks in what then becomes a projected experience of our thinking into the world.  

Then we learn in time to use our thoughts so that we become allies with them.  We don’t shy away from dealing with them because of some ego fear that we may harbor around acknowledging our part in choosing thoughts and also our part in then the reflection of these thoughts in the world.  We are learning how to make friends with our thoughts and what I mean is treat our thoughts with respect.  We want to appreciate our thoughts for what they are.  We want to slowly gain more awareness of what energy and intention is at the root of our various thoughts.  The Course teaches us through the workbook how to slowly get in touch with every last thought.  

We see over time how some thoughts lead us to fear  and some to Love.  This is the important step we must, must do to be able to gain inner clarity about how our thoughts affect us.  We want to be friends with our thoughts in that we don’t want to deny them.  We want to see them for what they are, and then keep the Love thoughts and learn to forgive everything else.  And we learn how to bring the miracle to that situation that appears to be a call for love.  The miracle is the shift in consciousness that gives us a realignment internally into light and love because the miracle elevates our attack thoughts out of the battleground, which is there attack thoughts abound.  
The Course tells us that thoughts are to be honored and respected as what they are.  When we deny feelings they get repressed and this is almost always a block in the flow of God’s Love.  This is why we want to see our thoughts truly.  Then we learn that what we need to do is see that no thought is neutral, what they all are is Love or fear in various manifestations internally.  We learn in the Course to realize that we need to respect our thoughts and sit with them as long as we need- to see them clearly for what they are.  But then what we want to do is lovingly invite the ones we don’t want to latch onto the altar of God where they can be dispelled, as we don’t want them.  

The Course says that these thoughts of fear and attack are appropriately denied by us at this point.  We want to see them and acknowledge them and then we deny them fully when we realize they are anything other than love.  When we deny them we make a firm decision to not any further engage in them.  We can love them and also put them at arm’s distance in our denial.  This is the most loving act to do away with any thought that doesn’t look like Love.

The Course says we have NO neutral thoughts.  None.  That means everything.  This is why we need to start from scratch.  We need to sit and just understand the importance of what it means that we are filled with this thinking that defines us that is not neutral.  We need to seriously stop and make the space in our minds to understand how absolutely essential it is that we make this completely apparent in our consciousness.  We are getting the message from Jesus’s teaching in the Course.  This can be shocking news for a lot of us who may not disagree but often think this is not very important.  What we are doing here is sitting down with this truth and holding space for the enormity of how totally this impacts our worlds and our experience of our lives.

When we allow for this awareness to sink into our conscious mind then we can have a moment of awe that this is in fact happening.  But then we sit and just let it be OK.  We don’t have to make it a big deal even though it is huge.  What we want to do is accept how true and impactful this is in our day to day existence but at the same time, know that God gives us a way out of what we may experience as our hell.  God would never leave us stranded with no back door from which to exit to escape the fire of our minds gone awry.  God has a way for us to glide right out of our tendency toward insanity.  God  also gives us all the emotional and practical tools we need to end any amount of our perceived suffering from our minds- which are never neutral.  We accept this as it is and we also give it right back to God to heal if we don’t know how to manage our thoughts.  Therefore, it is all good with God.  We just need to show up.


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