Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 15: “My thoughts are images I made.”

The Course teaches us- as probably the most important lesson is- that our thinking is the sole reason for our sense of peace and also joy.  The Course says that our thinking is ever so important because it is the origin of how we feel.  We perceive, as in we think, and then we feel according to our perception. This is is the basis for our quality of life because the way we think is the sole cause for how we get to live this life.  Life can be one of constant suffering or recurring suffering, or we can choose again.  We can be in the practice of choosing love, we choose to extend forgiveness and we choose to live in Love.  When this is our choice, then miracles abound.  Everything we experience becomes light and happy because our hearts are filled with the extraordinary experience of God’s Love- which is the only thing that consistently makes us happy.

We want to understand that our thinking is the foundation of how we feel and live.  Our thinking is the best chance we have for expressing and living in peace.  This is the best news ever.  We can shape our lives because our thinking is part of our mind’s practice.  We can therefore change our thinking at will.  This means we are totally empowered as we live our human life.  Nothing can bring us woe truly when we see that our thinking is how we choose a life of peace.

We are in the best situation.  We get this gift from God that we can make up our thinking as we go.  This then completely changes our existence.  No longer do we have to reinforce woe.  We can instead see a call for Love when the world appears awry.  All we have to do is see it as it is.  Forgive it and give it to God.  Then all we have to do is extend Love in our minds and hearts and then we will find instead love out there in the world too, as our world is simply the projection of our thinking.  We can have a perfectly happy life when we simply watch our thoughts and consistently bring our willingness into our personal effort of choosing our thoughts- to be a mirror of God’s mind.  We need to bring our willingness because we need to bring our powerful mind in the picture of our intention.  This is the way we add our power to God’s mind.  While we live in the world we also must just appreciate that in the world of form, we can contribute to the God mind with our own clear and powerful choice.

If we get stuck and don’t know how to access our willingness but we can remember that we prefer God’s plan, all we have to do is pray.  We just get on our knees and ask God for the gift of grace and the gift of clarity about our choices.  God always is the back up plan.  We want to pray to God all the time, in every scenario because this is the way to continually assert our joy and openness to the energy and will of God.  This is a must.  But when we get stuck and we can’t progress in forgiveness we need to especially pray.  God absolutely has our backs.  Let’s hold in our minds that there is never a moment of stress because God is always on the job.


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