Lesson 151 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lesson 151: “All things are echoes of the Voice for God.”
I like the idea of everything being echoes.  When I think of an echo, it is as the echo being a separate entity than the original that is being echoed, but at the same time because the echo is the exact replica of what is echoed.  Thus, we wouldn’t even necessarily think of them as being different entities.  Therefore, if we are the echo then God is the Source which we replicate exactly.

This is the way we want to be always.  That way we are bringing our uniqueness to our own individual expression of God, because we are a separate echo.  But also at the same time because there is no difference from what God is from who we are energetically, we can celebrate that we are just like God.  We can be perfectly at peace because in the world, it is the best of both worlds.  In the world we want to live with the clarity we are of God and only of God.  When we remember who is being echoed then we make no mistake in the entity we replicate- God.

This is when we think that we each are one of the echoes for the Voice of God.  When we see ourselves as simply another expression of God, this helps us to release old ideas we have that God is something outside of us.  When we see God as other, we forget that we as individuals are most certainly echoes of God’s Voice.

I think this lesson helps us remember that God is everywhere.  We very commonly judge what we see and think God is not in the world’s offerings.  The world we are told on some level is above God.  Then we can start to believe its sacrilegious to picture God anywhere in the world.  We may think God is too important to be in the world with us.  But the Course teaches us that all things are places God’s love can shine through.  We can find love everywhere.

Everything has something to teach us and some new way we can grow.  We simply need to be willing to be in every situation that we find ourselves in.  Often our ego is judgmental about what we see and so resists terribly simply being there and participating in whatever process.  Know we can ask the Holy Spirit if we are meant to be elsewhere and then leave if we are guided.  But if we feel drawn to stay, be sure we are truly willing to be present with what is happening.  Trust that we will learn from all we experience.

Everything has meaning.  We may need to ask for guidance about what that is.  But just do our part of having the little willingness to be in our mind of empowered certainty and be authentic to ourselves about whatever process we are having.  Then just know that God is always with us and is always listening to our wants and needs.  Trust that God is playing the part that we need in every response we hear in the world.  This is the way to learn about who we are.  Know that God is reflected everywhere.  Let’s be a willing witness to God’s plan and hold God’s purpose within.


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