ACIM Lesson 60

Lesson 60: Review: “God is the Love in which I forgive.”  “God is the strength in which I trust.”  “There is nothing to fear.”  “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.”  “I am sustained by the Love of God.”

This lesson says, “The blameless cannot blame, and those who have accepted their innocence see nothing to forgive.” 

We are reminded that we are the ones who need to see our own innocence especially in situations where we think that someone else is to blame. 

The problem is when we resist accepting our innocence.

When we feel like we are to blame, then the attack energy starts immediately. 

We feel guilty and resentful and blaming and this is all attack energy at its core.

When we feel it, then we actually begin the cycle of attack in our energetic form which will then soon be manifested out into form if we don’t see it there as it is and change things.  

Our innocence is that easy, light, soft energy where we forgive everything because we know we are totally worthy as God’s children. 

We also know it is worth making the effort to connect with that inner innocence.

The innocence totally shifts any old ego drama because when we feel innocent we feel good as our energy is properly aligned with God.

Furthermore, we will make decisions based on our attitude of offering proactive peace in our worldly solutions with the miracle mindedness that is required in the process of bringing love to the world.

If we don’t forgive ourselves first and foremost, then we harbor attack thoughts like blame and massive guilt.

Then this begins the attack cycle within our own minds.  Also, when we have our own inner attack thoughts, this always comes through in our relationships with other people and also in the circumstances in the world.  Then attack thoughts run rampant simply because we forgot to remember that our innocence is totally in tact.

When we forget to feel our innocence we also get out of synch with God’s Will and energy because God knows we are wholly innocent. 

When we are believing in something as our guilt, this is incorrect as God has already disconfirmed entirely.

Furthermore, our innocence guarantees our certainty because we then know how completely lovable we are and are permanently in God’s favor.

The Course tells us that we are alone here on earth with God.

There is nothing else out there accept me, as the individual, and God. 

That means that I need to look at my mind always before I do anything else.

We find that guilt in our minds and we give it to God’s altar for correction. 

We must pay attention to our own inner emotional storm and drama.

This is the only place to make the change truly, because the world is simply the projection of our own minds so we can get a good look at what we are thinking.

Our gift to ourselves is to look with acceptance and forgiveness on all we thought we made wrong, and we bless it for teaching us. 

Then, we get to that place we can sit with it in a mind of peace after surrendering all the attack energy adequately and completely.


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