ACIM Lesson 59

Lesson 59: Review: “God goes with me everywhere I go.”  “God is my strength.  Vision is His gift.”  “God is my Source.  I cannot see apart from Him.”  “God is the light in which I see.”  “God is the mind in which I think.”

Just appreciate the ego says that it is a raw deal when we allow ourselves to be merged with God’s thinking. 

The ego says that we lose something in the transaction because the ego likes for us to have a long list of our own identity qualities.  The ego complains when that list is diminished or seemingly narrowed in any way.

The ego likes to buff herself up and feel arrogant and full of desirable qualities because this makes the ego seem better than everyone else. 

The ego complains loudest when we are faced with situations that appear to cause us to lose any number of our individual qualities.

The ego likes to be considered acceptable and good with a long list of reasons why.  This is why the idea of simply connecting solely with God’s energy and identity can seem upsetting.

The ego acts like we are losing something for sure when we can’t turn to the ego’s personality to get accolades. 

The ego’s personality seems like something we want to hang onto for dear life because it allows us to get the ego’s compliments from worldly sources.

What we get from the ego is in fact never sustainably helpful.  What the ego likes about the ego’s world in fact ends up never working out in the long run anyway.

And then the ego in a short span of time finds himself in the exact same position he tried so hard not to get into.

The ego’s loved attributes about himself end up failing in a total way within a short span of time because the ego’s illusions are all based on false goodness. 

Thus, they all deteriorate.

The ego has no way to connect with God and thus, the ego makes promises about bringing us some great quality of life but can never follow through because the ego’s sources for establishing good and never based in God. 

All the worldly stuff comes to a sure end.

We are learning how to trust that we can let the ego’s song go with simply no suffering over it. 

The Course reminds us that God is grand indeed and God’s energy and love and our identity as God’s children are all we could ever want or need to make us happy and light and free beyond our wildest dreams. 

We have God’s energy to feed us and sustain us and give us all we can hope for.  This is what happens when we become merged with God in Mind and energy.

We actually become much bigger people because we then are holding this infinitely abundant favor and flow of love within our universe and in our lives. 

It is perfect.  

Therefore, it is well worth it to focus on embodying God’s energy as immediately as we can. 

We don’t want to rush in any way, or to be hasty.

We want to love the process as it is and appreciate the rhythm of bringing it all to us for our great, happy existence. 

But it is well worth the effort and time and energy to move as quickly as we can and be in balance because God’s essence is exactly what feeds us in the most profound way.


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