Lesson 332 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lesson 332: “What is the ego?”  “Fear binds the world.  Forgiveness sets it free.”

The Course teachers that the world is not real.  We learn to carry the awareness with us all the time that anything that is not simply the Love of God is in no way a valid entity in our reality.  The reason we want to do this is so we keep this in our minds through and through.  We want to release any attraction or attachment that we have to anything that is in the world because it has no impact on us and is simply a figment of our imagination.  God wants us to step back and look at the world with this correctly perceived reality carried fully in our consciousness that nothing is out there except us and God.

This is the most effective and also peaceful way to approach life and all we find here.  We keep this in our minds and carry it with us constantly while we can take action in creating our lives here.  We don’t have to shy away from asserting our worldly purpose once we are aligning our purpose with God and when we find our own sense of inner instinctual pull- our message from the Holy Spirit about how to proceed.  When we are in that mind in certainty then we can effectively and appropriately function in the world in a way that honors God and our Higher Selves.
This is the way we live in the world- we see that our purpose here is to let go of fear.  The world is not real as Jesus says here.  This is the way we allow our experience of fear to have a lessened effect or ideally negated effect.   When we carry in the back of our minds always that the world is not valid or with lasting power as it is not God, then we can more easily remember that there is no upset at our experience of meeting with our own inner fear.  We want to do is see it is not going to injure us in any way.  When we feel fear in the world’s experience then we actually believe the fear has the power to injure us because it has substance that our ego minds give to it.

This is why we absolutely must remember to hold this truth of its unreality steadfastly in our minds.  This is the way we get to our peace of mind in the face of fear or adversity when we know without a doubt that it is not designed to hurt us when we sit solely with God mind.  When we remember it is not designed to do anything at all because in God’s world it is meaningless then we can let it go without such a sense of struggle the ego likes to portray when it portrays its wounds.

The entire purpose of the Course is to teach us how to live in and create the happy dream while we are temporarily in the world of insanity.  Our happy reach in life is to make this amazing experience of abundant bliss be ours in each breath.  The way we do this is we forgive everything.  The Course says the world is not real and therefore we want to know this truth so we can release our fear with more ease.  This is one of the ways this dance with fear becomes easier because we learn to realize fear also has no reality in the world.  Then our experience of fear entirely changes as we see it is just passing through us for whatever reason and is gently and rapidly moving through us.  We want to face our fear and acknowledge and of course feel it thoroughly but then let it go.

What Jesus has given us in this worldly existence to erase fear is this extraordinary gift of forgiveness.  This is the way to erase it completely from our minds.  Forgiveness is always the way to certain acceptance and peace when we meet our fear.  We can see the fear as a friend when needed and offer fear the forgiveness as a gift to offer a way to join each other in the correction and adjustment within the process of allowing the fear to undo itself in its own time.


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