Lesson 267 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lesson 267: “What is the body?” “My heart is beating in the peace of God.”

What Jesus asks from us is total commitment.  Jesus asks us to have all of our minds, hearts and bodies be dedicated to serving God in each unique way that God so calls us.  We are asked to exempt nothing from God.  Our ego is big on separation and likes to take things apart.  One of our common ego ways is to give part to this cause or other parts to that cause and so on to completely shred any sense of our inner wholeness.  Instead we get partitioned out to various purposes.  Thus we lose sight of our wholeness simply because we get out of practice at living in our sense of wholeness.

What the Course asks us to do is be a clear witness of our own wholeness, remember to carefully dedicate ourselves to just one single cause, God’s cause.  We want to be sure we are wholly committed to the purpose of living in God’s Love and certainty.  When our intention is in no way severed from itself we can connect with the result of this clear vision, we can live with just a true one intention.  Jesus says make this intention a single purpose.  We don’t need to slice our intention into a variety of parts.  Our power will be significantly reduced when we are not aligned in our intention and words and deeds. This is why Jesus gives us the clear instruction to never lose sight and thus inertia toward our one goal- and that is God.

When all of us is clear about being committed to God’s purpose then we end up having every last bit of us toward the same goal.  When we are  not divided about our focus, then all of us gets invigorated with God’s Love.  When we have the peace of God and we are committed to living in it, we have every last bit of us completely in tuned with God energy.  Our hearts will be beating in God’s Love because nothing about us will be lost to God.  We will be wholly within His  Mind and Essence.  Our beings will vibrate in the rhythm of God’s energy because all of us will be resonating with this elevated, calm, easy energy.  Thus our hearts will resound with the beats of God’s Purpose.

This lesson says, “Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness.”

The Course says we have no body because the body isn’t real.  We are invited to have the greatest sense of non attachment to the body that we can muster.  Jesus is always helping us learn in the Course a greater sense of non attachment because it is strictly our attachment, when believe the body is real, that causes our sense of suffering.  We may not know how to do this automatically.

Holding the body as unreal is a tall order.  Fortunately we can pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance about how to integrate this into our minds and behavior not just read about it.  However, the Course also here says to us that the body though it is unreal, we can also use it for God’s purpose.  in this instance we are flooding the body with forgiveness.  We allow our bodies to be of God’s design and purpose.  Then we use our bodies in a way in which attachment is long forgot.  We can let our bodies be vessels of light and through them experience the Love of our Creator.



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