ACIM Lesson 354

Lesson 355: “What am I?”  “There is no end to all the peace and joy, and the miracles that I will give, when I accept God’s Word.  Why not today?”

This lesson says, “I am sure my treasure awaits for me, and I need but reach out my hand to find it.” 

The Course reminds us that getting to our salvation and getting to the promise of being at the Gate of God with all of our brothers and sisters is a done deal.

The reality is that God guarantees our salvation because God loves us so much.

There is never any hint of hesitation in God’s securing for us this amazing gift of being saved and healed entirely.  

God loves us infinitely simply because this is God’s Will, and therefore, we can trust this implicitly to remain true. 

We have God’s favor already; we just need to do nothing about this but let it be. 

God loves us because God loves us.  We never have to do anything in this process.  God has already guaranteed it.  Therefore, we need to extend no effort in anything to get God to pay attention to us.

Since God’s gift to us of ever lasting perfect love is already a done deal, then, all we have to do is accept it. 

This is the only thing we need to do anywhere in this process.

We need to take the step of accepting it, because God wants to know that He is not forcing His Will upon us. 

God loves us so much, He never overlooks our connection.  It is always perfectly intact.

But God wants to feel our open hearts, and know that we want to be connected to God on our own fee will.

God, in no way, is wanting to be pushy.

God wants us to feel empowered because this is the same feeling as our certainty, where we are clear and open enough within ourselves that we can adequately choose what we most want. 

Then, we truly are living the most enriched life because we get to be our own decision maker. 

We get to choose God whenever we want.  God never wants to force us.

This is so beautiful that God demonstrates to us how to not be attached. 

When God shows us how He is willing to give us ample space within to make choices that feel authentic and appropriate to us, then, we feel free inside because God gives us all the time we need to get to God at our own pace. 


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