ACIM Lesson 104

Lesson 104: “I seek what belongs to me in truth.”

 The Course reminds us that our connection to peace and joy is already within us because it was established there by God long before we came to live in the human experience. 

It is already with us as God declared this a done deal. 

We don’t have to do anything to make it happen. 

All we have to do is feel it and live it and be brave enough to exude it.

The ego sucks us into that old tendency to feel frightened of living boldly, of living with a brave heart.

Living with a brave heart means experiencing love for everything throughout our day.

When we are courageous, then we have no hesitation to do the best for us and to do the best for all others with the will of God in our consciousness in the process. 

That bravery is what we live with when we are open to fighting the good fight, when we are willing to show up and be authentic and honest whenever we can. 

This honesty and authenticity is also aligned completely with kindness as this is the most gentle way to approach all situations in our lives. 

The Course reminds us that living this brave heart is the way to our happiness because it allows us to take that unique path that the Holy Spirit set for us that is just made ours because we have this incredible essence of God within.

We are just looking for what is the best way to express this.

The courage is needed for mustering that willingness within our minds. 

We are learning how to show up in the most complete way possible in the process of healing ourselves and healing all those with whom we come into contact. 

This brave heart happens when we allow God to take the reins and get out of that tired ego habit of control.  It takes a real inner power to completely give our minds to God because it can scare the heck out of us.

This is why we are invited to continue just coming to God’s altar with the willingness to surrender all that baggage that no longer fits because we want to be an empty vessel through which we can then channel God’s love with no reserve.  

This takes all the strength we have because it may seem like an uncertain path and we may feel unclear just how to make it happen.

Just bless the process of growing and appreciate that it is truly a remarkable journey.  Understand that we are here to learn how to be brave.

We don’t have to know how already. 

We just have to show up, this alone gets our foot in the door of God’s serenity.  

This is all the beginning we need to then later pray to the Holy Spirit for all the guidance we need to continue the process of becoming bigger people through the miracle of God’s grace.


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