3-12-15 Lesson 71 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lesson 71: “Only God’s plan for salvation will work.”

The Course teaches us that we need to look within to find our salvation.  Our salvation is in the form of our own inner rectitude.  When we align our insides with our Creator the natural result is to experience the feeling of peace and joy- the underlying feeling of our salvation.  The world and the ego look everywhere else but within.

Thus, it can start to seem normal to search the world for what cures that inner drive we feel for serenity and peace of mind.  The ego always thinks the world can manifest what we long for within.  We find if we look long enough in the world, we always come up with dead ends; we never find a sense of feeling right in the world’s grips.  Nothing there can appease us.

What we often do is look into the world for the hopes of striking it rich there.  Also, we can forget that what we search for is simply a way out of our idea of littleness within and our feeling of being isolated.  We just need to keep telling ourselves that this is a drive that the world can never satisfy.  God is the only way of reaching any connection with peace.  We have to stop pushing ahead mindlessly in the world’s drive toward better.  We must simply realize that this is only a vicious cycle of attack against ourselves and others because it is always based on the idea of scarcity- who gets more.  We discover we languish in utter misery because it’s a never ending battle that no one ever wins.

This is why we are asked to settle into God’s energy and allow God’s plan to be our mantra and method to the madness.  Our hearts will be full with great power and love and gentleness when we meet the world with God at our helm.  We simply need to be willing to give God the option to create our realities. This is the only way out of our nightmare.  All we have to do is give him our hearts and minds and invite Him to be the builder of our dreams.

We simply need to carry the willingness with us always and continue to bring it to God.  We have this incredible power to change our realities when we simply bring our willingness to stop making problems.  We don’t have to have any idea how to do this.  If we are stuck wondering how to get out of the box we built around us, fear not in any way.  God gives us instructions always how to proceed.  Just be willing to let Him do what His brilliance was meant to do- set us free.


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