3-13-15 Lesson 72 Laurie’s Reflections


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Friday, March 13, 2015

Lesson 72: “Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.”
This lesson says, “Aren’t grievances always associated with something the body does?”  The Course teaches us to get out of the mentality of what we do as human bodies.  Also, we can remember the true meaning and purpose of all- to be an instrument of love and the means to forgive bodies for what they do that we perceive as offensive.  What we are asked to do is simply not engage our focus on that activity of the body that we see as distasteful.  We are asked to simply not identify with the body because if we do there is invariably judgement about what bodies do.  Of course, that judgement engages the cycle of attack which our egos invariably perpetuate.

Course students often struggle with this idea that the Course proposes which is to simply see the body as unreal and steer away from focusing there.  People can feel really frustrated with that idea because the Course makes a strong point over and over to get us to learn deeply that our bodies are not real.  It must be a very important point to integrate into our mentality if the Course mentions it so much.

Our ego’s think- how do we possibly live in the world when we are supposed to deny (in a healthy way) that the body exists?  We can get completely stuck there.  What we are asked to do is see the body as unreal so we don’t make attachment to our life living in the body.  This is the best we can do to be in the world.  In our human life we can’t not live in a body while we are alive.  We are asked to simply not emphasize and identify with the body.  This is why we will call it “unreal.”  It can lose its meaning to us in the world if we deem it as “unreal.”

Then we can live in the world fully with our bodies while we also see that it is unreal.  When we live with both realities fully and simultaneously then we can embrace the idea of the body in the most helpful way.  Then we can live in love with the body as well.  We are invited to love our bodies wholly for what they bring us because God wants us to be love in every step of life.  But we can love the body and see it as unreal at the same time.

Then we can forgive ourselves for not being able to live fully in the realm of God yet- which is one of the reasons we are still embodied on earth.  We can forgive that we don’t know yet how to live only in the Presence of our most holy Father as our true holy Selves.   But know that we are gifted with this body to carry us while it is useful for us.  Let’s love it and also let it go while we use it.


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