3-11-15 Lesson 70 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lesson 70: “My salvation comes from me.”

The Course teaches us that our salvation or our way to Heaven is directly resulting from us, and the truth of who we are in God’s eyes.  The ego and the world have every false kind of identification we could think of.  The ego is always worshipping false idols in the world, making every attempt to find a sense of redemption in what the world has to offer.  And this is often so subtle.

We may just let it slip into our consciousness because we often just function in the old ego’s mode of looking for our way back to salvation in what is never working.  The ego will look everywhere and make big noise about the search, often justifying the searching  as the ego puts a lot of effort into it.  And the ego just gives us the smooth line that the world is the place we will find a sense of peace.

The Course teaches us that we must look only to ourselves to be saved.  The ego often appears to be shocked that the world is not the home we are looking for.  But have compassion for the ego staying in the mindset of looking into externals.  Just be firm and gentle in simply making clear completely, the ego just doesn’t know.  The real world can be found only in our true identity which is as the children of God.  This is where we find our peace and the true power to realize that salvation is our right at all times.  And salvation is God’s will and God’s blessing.

This understanding that God is nowhere but within us is the most fundamental part of how we must think.  And we are aided in this learning process when we come to terms with these truths that nothing outside us can be our savior.  And the beauty of this fact is too that we are always equally blessed with this reality.  God would have it no other way- that we just need to sit with ourselves and connect with God power in truth.  Then, this gives us the way back to the awareness of our Sonship with God.

This lesson says, “All temptation is nothing more than some form of the basic temptation not to believe the idea for today.”  This is asking us just to notice that little urge the ego gives us- just some attraction to what doesn’t work for us.  These are the places of searching for our  salvation in anything other than our Godly self.  We have to just remember- don’t get distracted by these items that catch our eyes and give us hope for finding loving energy elsewhere.  Just know we can only find this within what already exists within us as God.  Love ourselves and let go of this fantasy of illusions which we try to make fit within us.


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