Lesson 4 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, January 4, 2016

Lesson 4: “These thoughts do not mean anything.  They are like the things I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place.”  We are invited to allow all of our thoughts to be discarded.  What the ego likes to do is sort through things and obsess about things and judge things and create a story with them that reads like our life.  The ego likes to dip into our thinking and give it all distinct meaning.  The ego just likes to accentuate what happens and make the story seem so real.  The ego is always in the driver’s seat in our minds.  The ego is always giving it all some definition.  The ego gives all that we see some apparent reality.

This lesson reminds us that none of our thoughts can be considered good or bad.  Our thinking is always a mix of each little shred of our consciousness.  Our thinking is layered with drama and difficulty.  What is often surprising is the fact that what we think are good thoughts are also not actually good.  Our standard of good in the world’s terms is always incorrect.  Even when something seems purely good in the world, it is always laced with some layer of what makes us cringe within.  We tend to be happy about what we see as good so sometimes we simply put it out of our minds thinking there is nothing else about which to attend and thus we can set it aside.

But the tragedy there is that seemingly good thing that we stop looking at, almost invariably ends us not purely good.  Everything is layered with complexity and everything is invariably a mix.  What happens is we stop noticing this and then often become wholly engaged with it as we decided it is good and thus worth keeping.  What happens its that when we don’t look further, we end up being totally wrong.  The thing that seemed pure always has a sliver of discord.  What we must do is see that this very often happens in ego thinking.  This is why we need to simply stop and pay attention even to what the ego declares as good.  This is just an error in our perception.

We also need to surrender our insane ideas that we have even the first clue about how to judge and accurately evaluate anything.  The truth is we are always wrong.  We always come with our own sense of what the ego thinks is going to fill our world with fun.  Our ego has a specific plan for us.  This is why we need to sit and surrender this belief that we are capable of making a happy life for ourselves.  This is why it is ever so difficult for us to release these insane ideas that we are equipped to judge our perception accurately.  The ego is so clenched down on the ideas that we are cut out for the job of judge.  This is why the ego tries to act out this insanity.

This is why we need to stop and realize that the ego’s reality is false and simply realize that God has the fast track to what we want to do instead.  We want to learn that we are no judge and that God is at the only one capable of judging correctly.  And we can just understand that our opinion of the world’s good and bad components is all skewed and false.  We need to get out of the way, get our thinking off the ego’s usual way and allow God to show us all the clarity we need to accept that the world just is.  The world is neither positive or negative.  It is all a dream and we are on the verge of waking up.  This is the best case scenario in the long run.  In the meantime we are invited to remember that our thoughts mean nothing.

When we allow our minds to be deprogrammed, we sitting in the most amazing spot, where we realize that nothing means anything.  Because this so, it means we can get out of our old addiction to insanity.  We can stop feeding our minds this belief in the validity of our thinking.


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