Lesson 315 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lesson 315: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “All gifts my brothers give belong to me.”

One of the Course’s important messages is that giving and receiving are one.  The world thinks when we give gifts we end up relegating ourselves to a state of lack.  The world says that we will lose out when we give.  The world believes in quantity and the possibility of reduction to the point of obliteration.  The world says our cards are always stacked for disaster when we make the effort to give.  The ego says we have no other resource to replenish what goes out.  Therefore, the ego counts anxiously and awaits for that imminent stressor of getting our gifts depleted.  Because the world believes in a lack that will run out this always leads us to stress.  Then we don’t want to give because we believe we can’t regain any of what we appear to lose in the exchange of giving.

The Course says that giving and receiving are the same.  From the act of giving we in fact receive because we gain the energy of what we gave away.  The world sees only the physical manifestations of our gifts.  If we give an orange, we then have one less orange.  It seems obvious to the bystanders that this is the way to end up with nothing.  This then gives us every reason for concern.  We don’t know how to do otherwise in the world with what is in form.

What the Course teaches is not to focus on form.   It will always leave us in the situation of lack.  When we engage in form and we give away we lose the physical form.  On the other hand, when we give, we can give with the energy of love.  The Course teaches us that this is different about God’s style of giving.  We can give something and then give with such love that we are so enhanced by this action that we feel nothing but abundant joy within us.  When we extend gifts with the love as well, then there is never a feeling of loss within us.  We feel only the swelling quality of Love within us.  We feel it as we give it away.  This is why we are so blessed to give the gift of everything to our brothers.  Because we feel the accompanying love here, it is definitely a gift to ourselves.

When we take a moment to truly check in with ourselves we usually notice that our experience of peace and love and joy outweighs any lingering wish for material things.  Our experience of emotional and energetic joy and abundance is the greatest gift we could ever feel.  Sometimes our egos speak loudly and we don’t notice or we forget that this emotional experience of God’s joy is the greatest gift in life and is far more important than any material thing could ever be.  We just need to forgive ourselves if we forget.  We also need to sometimes remind ourselves if we have lapses in our memories.  We are so entirely blessed that we have a way to get to our peace and live in it through and through.

Everyone gets to the same point at some time in their lives.  Everyone at some time comes to the clarity that our finding peace far outweighs any love or desire for special physical toys that the world offers.  Sometimes achieving peace seems like a big or impossible job but let’s instead appreciate that we are so far on our paths already that we know for a fact that peace is what we want over any worldly gift.  This means we can get busy and make that happen.  If it takes some effort, so be it.  In the meantime we are blessed because we are on the path of learning how to accept our peace instead of wondering how to do it.


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