ACIM Lesson 105

Lesson 105: “God’s peace and joy are mine.”

This lesson says, “True giving is Creation. It extends the limitless to the unlimited, eternity to timelessness, and love unto itself.”

The Course says specifically that God is meant to be in the exchange of giving.

If the energy of God is not in giving, then giving gets attached to guilt and shame and regret and all the baggage that we often erroneously attach to the experience of giving.  

The Course says that giving is of God and God’s creation happens strictly in the mode of God’s energy. 

Creation is God’s only function.

Creation is that force of God where He remakes the world in God’s will and image so that we can get the experience of God there. 

We must remember that the world gets made through the ego and the ego’s world gets made as temporary.

God does something totally different because God creates from the source of Love within Universal perfection. 

Therefore, the idea of creation is different than the ego’s rendition of making the world.  This helps us remember that God is the one taking care of our lives as we go.

We also know that Creation refers to what God makes because the word “creation” is dynamic, unlike “make,” which is less striking.  

We must appreciate that this is God’s purpose, to create for us in the world something that truly reflects God and not the ego.

Whatever God creates is done so in God’s energetic alignment and energetic frequency, and therefore, our experiences of being human take on a totally different meaning and intention, and often in form as well, when we allow God to function in the world from God’s laws. 

The world disappears, and all the limitation as well, when God runs the show.  This means all the stuff we have been spoon fed from day one of our lives suddenly shifts because we are not needing to believe in the world’s laws as they are.

We are invited to release that insane belief in lack and scarcity. 

All of the nightmares of the world disappear when we allow God’s totally limitless Being stir up and create God’s flow of love. 

This dispels all of those insane beliefs that the world is fixed and static.  We must open our eyes to the beauty of giving up limitation.

It is actually not as big of a deal as we might think.

It seems like a far fetched notion that God’s laws can be true because they just seem quite unusual.

The Course teaches us to just get out of the box of the ego’s small mentality.

Just because the laws of God seem really over the  top, the reality is that it is just our belief in thoughts that gives them power. 

The moment we entertain an instant of doubt about how the world truly is, it gives us that magical miracle moment where we start to long for something more than that cubic ego box. 

This is the way to get ourselves to a better place.  All we have to do is listen.

God’s laws say that giving and receiving are the same because this giving, we are meant to do from God’s energy.  Then, this energy allows us to receive as we give and therefore, we will also benefit dramatically from what we gave.

God’s laws say that we never lose in the process of giving as long as we allow God’s purpose to be in our hearts.

God’s essence is strictly of abundance and therefore, our job is just to make sure we change the reality in our own minds that often believes in that scarcity.

We must instead be part of the solution where we are not exuding any thoughts of lack in the giving exchange.


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