ACIM Lesson 106

Lesson 106: “Let me be still and listen to the truth.”

The problem with our egos is that we have an ongoing grievance session in our minds. 

The ego always finds something to complain about, always finds some way to attack externally and internally.

We end up with a serious amount of suffering because it is never pleasant to be in the inner chaos of that life-strategy.

We always have the egos input, which is loud and persistent, trying to convince us that the ego’s opinion is right. 

Thus, there is no silence because the ego likes to hear itself make noise.  This inner noise is the way the ego perpetuates itself.

When that is all we hear, then attack energy is the only thing of which we are conscious.

The Course invites us to get to that place of silence because it is the best door at which for us to find God. 

When we make inner silence, then God is able to be heard within us. 

This means we integrate the news that God is all about love and affirms our sinlessness and saves the most abundant portion of aligned-with-God-energy and form for us so that we can be ever so happy. 

The silence is the way we get to God.

When we hear the ego’s incessant suffering, often we do nothing but run and hide.  It can be frightening at times to see all the attack thoughts and energy within our minds and sometimes it makes us want to shrink and escape.

Just forgive this process and forgive ourselves when we shirk in fear. 

And allow ourselves to just reconnect with that little willingness we can find within ourselves that is exactly what we need to uncover and deal with that which is a grievance.

Just know that we actually can make a dramatic difference in the process of healing our thinking if we just take a tiny bit of time and effort to connect with whatever the block is, seemingly preventing us from plunging right into God’s Love- and remove it promptly.

All we need to do is get out of the way. 

We can be an empty vessel, which is then filled with God’s love, when we take that effort to give all the grievances to God’s altar.

Our serenity is the way we get out of the way.

The serenity is that magical little shift in attitude where we realize we would rather hang out with God than the ego and therefore, we get to that place where we are open to God’s energy. 

Also, we remember that God is the only one who can truly heal our grievances. 

That super small scale of effort is all we need to get to that place where we invite God to come instead.

Then, that openness is exactly what God needs to totally take our hearts with a sweet exchange, where God takes our burdens of the grievances and we joyfully and lightly give it all to God to transform for us, and then God showers us with love. 

We don’t have to do anything but let God take care of releasing our attachment to that inner pain.  This is the gift of serenity we are learning more deeply and thoroughly.

This is the way we get straight to God in the most loving and easy way, with our clear choice to open to God’s Will and purpose.


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