ACIM Lesson 107

Lesson 107: “Truth will correct all errors in my mind.”

The Course has such an easy and gentle message. 

The ego is all about our punishment and making us suffer over any perceived wrongs.

The ego is always with the intent of attacking us with some kind of strike over anything the ego says we did wrong. 

The ego is harsh and cruel and stops at nothing to make sure we suffer the consequences of whatever thing we did the ego deems not good enough.  The ego is always full of anger and hatred for us as well as a cruel attitude toward us because of what the ego thinks we did wrong.

Needless to say, this results in a serious amount of suffering and guilt on our parts because the ego is quick to strike and steady in berating us and demeaning us.

The Course totally does something fresh, new and wonderful. 

Jesus reminds us all the time that God is actually one who would never punish us, because God is solely loving, and therefore, never has a moment of attack energy or thought.

Therefore, we are guaranteed to have absolutely no punishment from God about whatever appears to be our sins because even if God deemed them as sins, which He clearly does not the Course says, God actually never attacks back.

Since God is perfect love, then He simply has simply no attack energy within Him at all.

Because God is only love, He, therefore, never has even as small part of Him existing in attack mode because this attack energy is contrary to God since He is perfect love.  

The Course says many times that God has no reason to ever want to punish us because God believes we are sinless first and foremost. 

This means there would be no reason to want to attack in the first place.

But also, the Course says God simply is never interested in getting into a war over anything. 

Literally, nothing, does God deem appropriate for His attack and therefore, God simply never does.

This means we don’t ever have to feel concerned as though God might have pent up desires to throw attack our way and put us in our place.  God never has attack thoughts or intention about us or anything.

The Course reminds us to that we don’t have to feel guilty in any way for those moments when we forget to love or forget to apply the miracle or we forget to forgive. 

There is never a moment we need to feel badly that we did not do something we might have wanted we do differently. 

The Course reminds us to never feel guilty because this feeling is an uncreative use of our mind and not helpful in the long run. 

We could rather be tuning into God’s love and learning more about the depth of our serenity and forgiveness in the process of being wherever we are.

The Course’s teaching simply helps us redefine what is happening currently in our thinking. 

The Course teaches us to remain vigilant in watching what we think and learn to replace in our minds the true messages from God, which we receive in the Course’s teaching. 

We can be gentle about it though and realize we can relax.

All the mistakes in our thinking are just minor errors.

They are things that are important to notice but also equally important not to dwell on them and give them more energy, making them bigger.  

God is incredibly gentle in the process of correcting us.

We are in the process of changing what we think to be more in the realm of what God deems appropriate.

No one bashes us over the head, God simply asks to capture our attention and then allows us to play our parts and bring willingly our open minds, that seem less cluttered and more quiet.

Then, we allow God to simply remake our thought system to match His own.

God never, ever does this with a heavy hand, because God cares that we feel empowered and play our role as empowered participants in the process, therefore, getting to choose our reality.  


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