ACIM Lesson 158

Lesson 158: “Today I learn to give as I receive.”

This lesson says, “Time appears to be quite arbitrary.  Yet there is no step along the road that anyone takes that is but by chance.” 

The Course gives us a new, different interpretation of the nature of time. 

It also gives us the assurance in God’s message that we are absolutely in the right place at the right time all the time. 

In the ego’s  worldly experience, time appears to be a slight of chance. 

In time, it seems we may never know what will happen and whether we are in the right place at the right time to learn what will support us in the next part of our lives.

The Course says that time may seem to be arbitrary in the ego’s view.

We may look and think nothing in time makes sense nor that there will be any guarantee that we will find ourselves to the scenarios that will guide us through the paths that will be most helpful for our human selves.

The Course says that time is set, and that means our experience in time is already put into motion by God within His Universal Plan.

God sets the whole amount of our life’s reality into a flowing plan, so that we can follow it, when we get clear which direction the Holy Spirit is guiding us to go.

Since time is set- that means God has a perfect plan set for the course of our lives that we can count on no matter what.

The problem of the ego’s existence is that there is always doubt and this extraordinary amount of fear and trepidation about whether we are doing the right thing. 

The ego feels this all the time unless we give some attention to the resolving of this underlying fear.

The fear is fierce and in order to feel peaceful and happy we absolutely need to acknowledge it. 

We must give it to God’s altar to be transformed by God specifically. 

God has a perfect track record in healing our fear and incessant anxiety, and that is why we need to believe that God is trustworthy and entirely capable in that role of healing our woes that we carry regularly.

We are the ones who need to trust God’s plan. 

The problem is that the ego is not trustworthy to carry out any definite plan.

The ego’s plans are always changing and dissolving. 

We can never rely on them. and this means everything, because if we can’t count on them, then we actually are the insane ones if we listen to the ego’s plan.

God, on the other hand, has everything in place. 

This means God has the most perfect plan about everything for us.

We can trust God’s bottom line because God is Supremely perfect and always true. 

The Course just reminds us to give God the benefit of the doubt because He is the only one we can count on.

And then, we can rest in our certainty, with not an ounce of fear within because, since time is set, then, that means God will carry out exactly the best case scenario for us in every situation. 

That is God’s promise in the act of setting time.

God wants us to have nothing but la light, joyful heart, where nothing enters but serenity and miracles and love, unburdened by the fright of thinking something happened that was not supposed to happen.

The Course teaches that there is a reason that God’s purpose for us is always happening in time, and that our lives do look exactly as they should look.

We just need to have faith that this is true, in those moments when our egos doubt. 

We might wonder if God abandoned us because we may be hoping for a different reality. 

Just give faith more power and energy that God’s word is trustworthy, and then we have no difficulty carrying that faith also in our own minds where it serves us most well.


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