ACIM Lesson 159

Lesson 159:  “I give the miracles I received.”

This lesson says, “The real world pictures Heaven’s innocence.” 

The Course reminds us that we are all learning how to live in the world- as it is- while we hold a Godly perspective. 

We often get horrified because the world appears to be full of sin, sickness and death. 

We are faced with a world, we may want desperately to evade, because we think the picture is a dreadful thing, when we see it with the ego’s perspective. 

The world appears to be utterly harsh and alarming. 

Just dealing with the world can seem like a very daunting task.

When we carry the ego’s perspective, we end up viewing the world in a dark and scarcity-based perspective, because we have grown accustomed to this, and therefore, we carry it on indefinitely. 

The Course reminds us to first deal with the world by recognizing that it is unreal, and that it has no power to influence us in any way, if we stay tuned to making sure it doesn’t.

Usually the Course refers to the world as unreal so we don’t get confused about how to think of the world. 

Jesus here tells us that the world is something to disregard, and accept as non-existent, so that we feel a minimized pull when we interface with the world. 

The Course tells us that the world is definitely unreal, while it is totally real too, when we look really closely, and see it correctly.  

Since the world is unreal, we may lose our motivation to not be able to actively deal with the world, because it seems so difficult and we may want to run and hide. 

But we are reminded here to stay in touch with that part of our uniquely human responsibility- of taking proactive steps in the world. 

Jesus is teaching us here to simply get into a rhythm of actively participating in the world’s activities. 

Make sure we do not miss a moment of being proactive, when it is time to take some step toward whatever goal we have set with ourselves, while the Holy Spirit acts within our higher Selves. 

We need to be the ones responsible for actively taking those proactive steps, and change whatever needs to be changed while we live. 

Being proactive is something we do with God’s Will and Purpose. 

The Course reminds us that our way of being proactive in the world, is to see everything there from a lens of God. 

When we do this, then all the nightmares we see shift, and become happy dreams, because we are not fooled by anything anymore. 

The ego is skilled at fooling us, into believing the illusion is true,

And, we just need to step back, and refuse to let this happen, with a light and grateful heart.  

The real world is the one the Course explains here- referring specifically to the one with the view of Heaven’s innocence. 

When we give ourselves a healthy dose of God, and His energy, then suddenly, the world stops looking badly. 

We start to laugh, and giggle more, and realize how wrong we were about everything. 

The party is within us and around us now; we just need to be open to doing this.

We just need to accept the innocence in ourselves, and also within everything in the world, and allow this to be true for us.

All love,

Laurie Preznbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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