ACIM Lesson 324

Lesson 324: “What is Creation?”  “I merely follow, for I would not lead.”

The Course give us very clear instruction: it says, “Get out of the way.”  

This is such a direct instruction and also with a flair of sassiness.  

It is a firm request because we don’t want to try to mess around with the ego.

The Course reminds us that our egos have an insane desire to be in control.  We have the ego with a never ending push to have all the power.

The problem with the ego being in power is that everything goes wrong, and I mean- everything!! 

There is nothing that goes right because the ego has a very constricted and sparsely backed thrust of energy and intention.  The ego’s foundation is always a part of nothing. 

This is why nothing we base on the ego’s energy and purpose turns out with a good or even a medium end.  We get the nightmare for sure.  

We do not want to follow the ego for every reason I have just mentioned, but getting the ego out of the driver’s seat is a trick to be sure.    The Course wants us to have a little strength and confidence or certainty that we can get the ego out of the way.

This is why the Course uses this very frank and honest and genuine instruction- that is also very clear.

  We are asked to let the Holy Spirit be our guide and companion on each escapade.

I think that having our ego’s push and insistence on being in control is really the only problem we have.  This is why it makes sense to get clear about how to deal with this effectively and adequately.

We have this recurring problem that can drive us crazy if we sit and allow it.

The Course gives us the cool head in the equation. 

We can be the person in the situation who brings love when there is a call for love and brings the miracle mindedness to all we encounter.  

We are asked to be the ones who know we are temporarily more sane sometimes than anyone else in the situation, and thus, it is our turn to bring love and heal whatever rifts appear in the world. 

But even in those situations where we bring miracles, we let everything be simply the fruit of God’s perfection expressed through love. 

We let God be the one who decides any amount of guessing work. 

We let God show us how to heal all.  The problem is always when we entertain any energy or intention of the ego amidst our love bringing or miracle applications

The ego loves to go especially to overpower where we are bringing love and the miracle because the ego loves to just be in control.

Just remember more than anything else to get out of the way because this is the only thing that truly works for us.


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