ACIM Lesson 325

Lesson 325: “What is Creation?”  “All those things I think I see reflect ideas.”

The Course has this magical way of undoing the world.  

We have the world with its seeming physicality.  

It is very difficult to deny that the world is dense and constricted and certainly made of matter in some form.

 This seems incredibly hard to argue with.

The world is real as we see it with the ego’s eyes because its form is in a shape and has weight. 

These qualities make the world seem real.

The Course invites us to rethink things. 

We have form but the truth is that this form is simply our ideas projected outwardly. 

This is why we have the world as it is in any particular way.

We get the manifestation of our thinking.

This means that actually form is the same as the energy of our thinking when we just sit and understand it as it is.

But the truth is that all form lacks any substance that we have not already put into it.

The Course give us the clear information that our thinking is all that makes a difference in making the form of the world.

This means that we totally get to be authors of our lives in the truest way. 

Because the form outside of us changes when we change our thinking, this means that we get to make the world exactly as we want it.   

We can change our thinking if we don’t like the form and very often, the form will change too if we do this consistently. 

Because we simply give more energy to the updated thinking and we manifest something new. 

Just appreciate that we have this incredible responsibility to get to feel empowered in creating our world the way we want it. 


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