12-16-14 Lesson 350 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lesson 350: “Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.  To offer them is to remember Him, and through His memory to save the world.”

God is fully established as the perfect solution to our problems.  All we have to do to get to our own internal salvation is simply bring Him to mind.  When we simply remember Him, we connect with His energy and we create a state of bliss and healthy confidence that all is well.  We can create this state of offering miracles to heal the world because God gave us the most magical miracle which heals where we got lost in our dream of being separate from God.

We don’t have to make some tangible change in the world.  We don’t have to feel defeated if we can’t prevent hunger or make the political groups befriend each other.  This may happen in time, but what matters is the state of my own mind.  What we feel and live is what has the capacity to bring us perfect peace and joy.  We need to stay connected to our willingness to live in God’s worldly gifts.  God gave us miracles so we can have a win to the war of attack that never happened.  God wants us to apply miracles, this shift in consciousness, to be our every circumstance.

God doesn’t care about anything in the world.  God wants us to focus on our joining with God energy.  This is the only way out of our nightmare.  Some time when the time is appropriate God will bring us to full union with God. This is ultimately the only need we ever had.  But in the meantime while we are on the earth, God is compassionate and thoughtful and cares deeply about living in our mentality of atonement now.

This is why God gave us miracles, to give us the help we need to live in the world.  Our task is to enthusiastically meet this challenge and blessing to extend miracles whatever we see.  This is where our peace becomes our only reality because we are facing everything with the gift of forgiveness as the means of a miracle.

This lesson says, “What we forgive becomes a part of us, as we perceive ourselves.”  This is reminding us that to forgive is when we stop judging something, and in that action, we join energetically with that thing.  In our joining we find the sweetest love because we are loving what we see so much that we let it be wholly united with our hearts.


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