ACIM Lesson 143

Lesson 143: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “In quiet I receive God’s Word today.”  “All that I give is given to myself.”

We want to honor ourselves and come with a quiet mind to God. 

The quiet mind is what allows us to hear.

When the mind is full with the ego’s chatter, there is seldom even a melody that can be heard there. 

God’s is the most dynamic and extraordinary orchestra, and we want to be able to hear the nuances of all that God says. 

God’s is truly the message of hope and they are kind words that ensure our certainty.  God saturates us with messages of our healed and whole sense of worthiness. 

We want to hear all God is saying because this is the only way for us to truly be happy.

Peace is impossible to achieve when we are listening to the incessant clatter of the ego’s mundane chaos that leaves us feeling distraught, and urgent to break free to some totally different place. 

The Course teaches us to come with an open heart and mind when we come to God, and we do this by clearing out at least enough of the ego’s mantras of sin, sickness, and death. 

We must remember that the ego never brings us anything but more drama and agony.

And thus, we would rather not go down that direction because it never feeds us in any way other than making us frozen in our path while we stumble further though the trenches of hell.  

We just need to appreciate that the job we are instructed to do, clearing our minds, is absolutely the first step to letting God in. 

We want God’s answer and God’s words and God’s energy and Love.

Therefore, we want to allow our minds to be empty first, and then add God once there is empty space in our hearts.

The quiet that we feel when we are free of excessive thought allows our minds to be open to God and it is our direct invitation for God.  

Our task is to give our minds space first.

We give the mind an envelop of empty space first and allow it to just sit and be present with the splendor of the quiet before we fill it with God. 

The quiet allows us moment of breathing and moments where nothing else is important except for the moment. 

One of the most amazing things about getting our minds to that empty state first and to a place where we can then let God in- is that the empty mind is where we at last are truly in the moment.

When we give all of our thoughts to God, we offer them up to God’s altar, then there is nothing to do now besides just feel and experience the moment. 

That shift into experiencing the moment is the way to be open to God’s Presence.


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