ACIM Lesson 69

Lesson 69: “My grievances hide the light of the world today.”

We have a light within us that is breathtaking and potent. 

This is the light of God which is unlimited because it is purely as perfect as God. 

The light within us when we allow it to burn brightly does so, lighting for us a clear path.

This flame within is exponentially powerful and strong because it is entirely the flavor of God’s energy and essence. 

The light is our bright path to go forward in whatever direction we feel called.  The beauty is that this light always brings us to the way we want to go.  We have this light within us all the time.

We just have to trust that God made us with this light burning brightly within us.  

We simply must not block the flow of the light.

If we want to see with this light and use it appropriately in a way that will truly serve us, we need to simply not block it in any way. 

This would totally hinder our clear vision.  The Course says that our attack thoughts always block the way of that inner light we have.

This is because they are not Love, they are not of God. 

We want to make sure we are not harboring grievances in any way.

The ego likes to cling to our grievances and make them multiply and expand. 

We have a choice.

We can choose to allow the light to flourish and become exponentially larger by giving free space within or we can choose the little ego voice that likes to make grievances real. 

The grievances are so common.

We are asked to appreciate how much of our own time and energy we can save by not allowing in the blocks to love’s presence, such as our grievances.

Let’s show them the exit to our minds and invite them to go with a gentle push of love.


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