ACIM Lesson 70

Lesson 70: “My salvation comes from me.”

This lesson says, “Today’s idea places you in charge of the universe, where you belong because of what you are.” 

The Course teaches us that we all as individuals are extraordinarily graced with this amazing capacity to make the world we see. 

We can choose our peace of mind or we can choose attack thoughts galore and drama with extensive problems.

The world is simply the out picturing of our thinking and therefore all we see in the world is within our minds. 

Therefore, we have the capacity to make the world exactly as we want it.

This can sometimes feel like a big burden. 

Being solely responsible for creating our worlds can feel weighty and hard to shoulder because it is a huge responsibility for being the ones who create our lives as we see them. 

That makes the ego cringe at the idea of making the world.  The ego shirks this responsibility because it can feel like too challenging a task to undertake.

Our egos make problem after problem because that is just what the ego likes to do.  The ego likes to feel attack thoughts and to be at war.

And this never feels good, but we often numb it out and put ourselves on autopilot. 

We try to go through life not feeling because we don’t feel good and happy. 

We are asked to just take a deep breath and raise our consciousness. 

We want to wake up and being numb is not the way to progress in this fashion.  The Course reminds us that we are the ones who get to choose how we want to live and how we want to feel.   A big job for sure.

But once we have given ourselves a moment to get acquainted and comfortable with the importance of our having that responsibility, then we can take our minds a bit further. 

We actually have the most amazing capacity because we are able to choose what we think.  This is what makes us entirely gifted by the world and all that happens.

We have all the potential of being empowered in our minds because God gives it to us. 

Therefore, we can just allow our empowerment to be the most amazing gift to ourselves that we could ever want.  It is a responsibility, but we get to create our lives any way we want.

This is what gives us all the space to explore our own passions because we can make anything we want. 

Doesn’t get better than that!  

The Course tells us we have the gift of our own salvation and it is already within us. 

Our salvation is from God but God already put our salvation right in our minds.

That means we don’t have to look anywhere else for our salvation because we already have it. 

God gives us all our own individual salvation because God doesn’t want us to waste any time and effort in a fruitless search for our salvation. 

That is why we don’t have to do anything but go out and play and hang out with God because there is nothing else to do. 

God has every intention of being helpful because God loves us. 

This is why we get our salvation in our hearts now.  God makes it so.


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