ACIM Lesson 72

Lesson 72: “Holding grievances is an attack thought on God’s plan for salvation.” 

This lesson says, “To limit communication cannot be the best means to expand communication.”

We always have grievances about the body.  This is why we believe ourselves to be separated from our brothers and sisters.

We believe the body is real and we judge it, we make our complaints about the body and this makes the will of the ego seem real because it is what we consciously recognize.

When we think the body is real, then we associate that person with their body instead of identifying them with God.  

That means that then we get angry and hold people responsible for what their bodies are doing.

It becomes a gigantic confusion, because the essence of the person- which is the energy of God- then almost seems to disappear.  

When we see how the body is behaving, we lose sight of their spirit within which is perfect and flawless and always full of light and grace.  We forget the God-centered qualities because we can’t see them in our confusion with identifying someone with their bodies.

The Course reminds us to keep clear in our minds that God is in everyone.  We are all equally loved and favored by God and that means we can trust that God has the Will and purpose that is for our greatest desire.

The ego likes to wrap us around its finger.  The ego’s story about being self-described as powerful and capable is confusing and hard to negate in any way because the ego appears to have the world in some order. 

The ego appears to take care of our human lives so we often just let the ego take control without any mention of some other plan.  The ego seems competent and so we forget to question the ego’s motives.

This is why we forget to raise doubt that the ego’s perspective is valid. 

The Course reminds us that the ego takes great strides in keeping us in line.  The ego likes to pretend it has all the power.   This is false for sure.

The ego tries to limit everything because this is its only way to progress. 

Therefore, the ego, by its nature, is always a show and experience of limiting.   The Course shows us how to make God’s purpose our purpose instead.

The Course reminds us that God is all about expanding communication. 

God is always where we have space to grow and expand and remember our wholeness as we are. 

God is the number one direction we can take to get to that place of an open heart with easy access to each other and to the mind of God.

God’s will is always to get us in that place of becoming bigger people.

We can meet God’s gentle touch with our eager and enthusiastic minds.  The Course reminds us that God’s way is the only one that works in the long run because it consists of opening to God’s purpose.  The ego, on the other hand, is solely about getting smaller.

The ego’s attitude is one of constriction and stuckness. 

Therefore, we will never get from the ego an open, airy, light with love through and through because this is rather God’s energy specifically.  


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