ACIM Lesson 296

Lesson 296: “What is the Real World?”  “The holy spirit speaks through me today.”

This lesson says, “I am resolved to let you speak through me, for I would use no words but Yours and have no thoughts which are apart from Yours, for only Yours are true.” 

This lesson reminds us that our resolution to make the choice for God is what brings us ultimately to that desired destination- the feeling of the Love of God and remembering that we are one with God’s energy and purpose.  Thus, we are loved for being exactly who we are.  This certainty is where we find our peace.

Certainty allows us to feel sure that we are lovable. 

This understanding of our lovability is what affords us having a solid sense of self worth and thus allows us to live and make decisions in the world based on our higher truth. 

We act in the world knowing we are lovable.

When we remember that our worthiness can in no way be shaken, then we find the peace for which we seek.  And with this peace we can feel light and happy because there is no feeling blocking the way.  Our certainty is our feeling when we remember there is never anything wrong.

When we feel certain we can be effective in the world because our ego’s doubt disappears. 

God’s certainty- in our minds- is what makes us strong and resilient. 

We never fear or doubt what happens nor judge it and get upset about it because feeling our certainty tunes us into God’s perfection.  This is why we can rest assured that all is well when we live in certainty.

Then we don’t have to question anything.

Our certainty gives us an easy and grateful heart because we are not questioning God and the larger plan in life. 

When we feel certain we just enjoy life’s ride because we don’t get ruffled by the little things and often by the grand obstacles as well.  When we are moving through our certainty, we do exactly what the Holy Spirit in our prayer directs us to do.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to be our guide, then we enjoy the ease our certainty allows us because we are sure we have the correct instruction.

We allow Him to have this constant and sacred place in our hearts that we honor and respect. 

We listen to Him with rapt attention.

The way to be happy is to simply rest and sit and act in our certainty because we have nothing to worry about since we are letting the Holy Spirit make all the choices that matter. 

The Course reminds us to give the Holy Spirit all the space in our minds that we want for Him to fill.


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