ACIM Lesson 36

Lesson 36: “My holiness envelops everything I see.”

The promise of the Course is that our holiness is everlasting. 

We don’t have to wonder if it might fade away in the chance of our variable individual human fates.

 The Course says that God declares our holiness.  Our innocence is in tact because God decrees this is the case.  God can be depended on in every circumstance because God is perfect and supremely powerful and simply, is able to will whatever He wants.

Our holiness is in tact because God says so.

That is why the Course reminds us to embrace this truth about ourselves and accept it no matter how far fetched it may seem. 

God has said we are the ones who are worthy of being called and treated as we are holy indeed.  This is why it is an ever lasting truth.

Our holiness being in tact changes our lives when we realize we are lovable as we are. 

Then, we start to act the part.

When we embrace our ultra worthy state, we become better people because we feel so good inside. 

Then, it is much easier to deal with the world and advocate for our needs there with a grateful heart and clear messages and generous interacting style.  

We can ask for what we want with the knowing that everyone wins when we ask for what we need knowing no one ever loses.

When we embrace the idea of total abundance of the Course’s idea of infinite Godly love, then, we stay aligned with the idea that there is plenty for all so we attract it while we feel the energy.

We also work on sharing with others because we feel so abundant within.  Then sharing becomes easy.

The Course reminds us that our holiness is our total identification with God energy. 

When we remember that we are holy as we are, then we treat ourselves well and other people because we feel good. 

This changes everything about how we interact in the world.  This is why the identification of being holy is ever so important because it is the way we connect with that Godly energy that feeds us and the world.

I love the word “envelop” because it reminds me that all we need is God’s Love.  We connect first with our identity as God’s children and then we are showered with God’s love and perfection because we realize it is always with us.

Then, we sit and face the world with a full cup because we feel so good. 

Therefore, we meet the world with that part of us that is invulnerable that we share with God.

Then we can show up to the world with a Godly boundary that protects us from any ideas we might not want to embrace.  

Then, we sit and just enjoy the party of being in the world.  We allow God’s Love to embrace everything.  No part of us is anxious that we may not be safe or happy.

We just forgive it all and appreciate it all and we let God’s love heal any seeming rifts we might encounter.  

God is the envelop that embraces everything and heals it.


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