ACIM Lesson 37

Lesson 37: “My holiness blesses the world.”

Many of us feel ineffective when it comes to saving the world.

We look outside of ourselves and see death, destruction and despair.

It all seems like a tragic accident that continually repeats itself. 

The world appears to be beyond our reach;  we have no way to save the world in form and in Essence.  This then causes us to feel terribly ineffectual when it comes to our being empowered.

We can feel like there is no way to do anything positive and often we quit trying because it seems too difficult.

The Course says rather that we can easily save the world and we do always save the world when we simply acknowledge that we are God’s children and all have the right to our mutual salvation. 

There is no way we can miss our salvation when we simply allow it to be the way it is and stop interfering with God’ will.  Getting out of the way is all we have to do.  Then the world is an easy fix.

We just open our minds to the flow of God’s perfect energy and purpose and then the world gets fixed automatically.

We are simply accepting the salvation that has already happened and thus, we can just enjoy that God is giving us the direct route to our own salvation.

The world may seem like a lost cause but the Course reminds us that even the world is always in the process of being healed.  

We may not recognize all the individual steps involved.

We just want to sit back and trust that God has a perfect plan- which includes everyone’s salvation and all that the world needs to have happen in it for the perfect expression of God’s mercy manifested there. 

This will be automatic. 

We just sit and smile that we get to be part of the process. 

We just need to allow our minds to be wholly innocent as they are and allow this perfect energy to exude from us- and bring this with us into all of the world’s interactions.

Then we are instruments of God’s healing through the simple choice to identify ourselves as God’s beloveds.


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