Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 99: “Salvation is my only function here.”

The Course teaches us how to enjoy and celebrate our function here.  The world gives us stories of lack and all the seeming entities and realities that we don’t have access to.

When we don’t appear to have access to those particular things, we can get to a place of feeling sorry for ourselves because we are not living what the ego concludes is a grander life. 

The ego is always with lack somewhere in its script. 

The ego always puts lack into its motivation and functions from this lack, even if we don’t realize it consciously.  It is always there.

The Course says that we are given a single task.  We are given one purpose to incorporate into all of our experiences here.  We so often can view that as s point of lacking because we view it to be a solitary purpose- and the ego assumes that since that doesn’t incorporate everything it is undesirable.  Rather, it seems to be something we try so hard to not see and feel as it happens.  The Course says that we have a single purpose because this is the way to not get confused in the process of engaging with our life’s activities.  We ideally want to be able to engage in them with a mind that has no conflict within.

When we focus simply on God and then how to be an expression of God as we do things in the world, then our hearts are happy and peaceful because there is no split in our intention.  

The Course says this is ideal.  We get to be with God mind all the time in an aligned mind.  This means we have no stress or distress about how to approach life because we accept wholeheartedly that we can and will do things with a God purpose.

That’s why then there is no struggle internally.

When we accept our single purpose we feel perfectly amazing because we are simply tuned into this extraordinary energy that carries our minds in a steady and healthy and emotionally appropriate mentality.

Thus, we don’t get lost in the world’s maze of insanity.

The Course says that our single function is the root of our joy because we stop looking for anything else because we have already found it within.  Therefore, we never experience a moment of true lack because we are connected with Source- as we remember that, we engage in God’s purpose.  This means we can just sit and experience the ease internally.  When we are not searching outside of ourselves then we don’t get to a place of futile searching externally where we can never find there because it doesn’t exist there.  This means we get to live life in a happy and light mind because we have exactly what we need in God’s function.

The Course reminds us that our function is our happiest alternative to the ego’s madness.  That means we have what we need now because our function- to love ourselves- is already evident in what we learn to use in approaching to our lives.  The Course says that we can be totally thrilled about our function.  The fact that we know what it is and that it is only one so we don’t totally get confused about this means that we can just stop fretting and stand up and enjoy this.  We don’t have to feel that we have in any way any kind of lack in just being able to focus on one thing.

The Course reminds us that having this one function only is a total time and energy saver.

We don’t have to traipse around and try out various things until we find one that fits.  This has already been done for us so all we have to do is accept this for what it is.  We can just be crazy about enjoying this function.  It is simple and straightforward, it is all explained and hashed out.

There is no point of contention about it.  It is easy and readily accessible to our minds.  

All we have to do is just being crazy in love with doing it. 

The Course is always teaching us to always carry with us our sense of being in love with everything.

This is the purpose of God, to bring the spark of inspiration to all we do by bringing always internally the willingness to shower all that we do with that infinite ocean of Love. 

Furthermore, we want to take special care to do this in the department of God’s function.  This means that we are invited to totally love being able to extend God’s function as we embody it as our own.  Because, this is the greatest privilege we have in this lifetime.


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