ACIM Lesson 261

Lesson 261: “What is the Body?”  “God is my refuge and my security.”

This lesson says, “Let me not attempt to find peace in murderous attack.”

The Course teaches us where we find our safety. 

We must stay tuned into God’s energy and will when we want to be safe. 

We must connect with that certainty of God that we are lovable and ultra worthy of all great things. 

This is the foundation of our certainty.

We are asked to use this energetic strength when we encounter the world’s problems with certainty. 

When we are energetically full because we have all of God’s power and support behind us then we are most likely to be safe in the world as well.

The Course reminds us that we always play the most significant part in what happens in the way we approach all we see in front of us.

We play the only real role in the situation that matters. 

Everything we do is really all there is because we are really the only ones out there, except for our projected reality that appears to be other people and other things.

The Course reminds us that we get to create our lives and we have the sole responsibility here to make whatever we want to have happen.

Therefore, we want to remember our certainty as much as we possibly can, because then our reality is most likely going to be peaceful or at least as peaceful as possible given the challenges that we may face. 

The Course says that our certainty is the best way to achieve any amount of safety.

When we have our certainty working on every level of our lives, then, our lives will go as best as they can because we bring certainty- which is the best emotional tool- with us to determine which actions we take. 

God’s certainty supports all the contributions we make as it brings a flair of its own in our character.

We just need to remember that our certainty is the opposite of the murderous attack here.

Attack is always murderous. because it is always with a biting edge that digs in. 

It pierces our energy and minds in a very fierce and unpleasant way.  Remember that all attack is clearly not love and not of God.

We are asked to just stay focused on God’s presence and certainty which always succeeds in bringing our peace in the short run and long run.


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