ACIM Lesson 193

Lesson 193: “All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

This lesson says, “It is this sameness which makes all learning sure, because the lesson is so simple that it cannot be rejected in the end.” 

This lesson so eloquently explains how all of our lessons in life all are of the same content.  

They sure may appear in different forms.  The ego loves to confuse us.  But the reality is that all the challenges we have are all the same problem.

We keep drawing the same lessons to us because in the human experience it is truly the only lesson we must learn.  

Forgiveness is always needed.

When we forgive, it should be forgiving the situation and forgiving all others involved as well as simultaneously forgiving ourselves. 

We need to simply make forgiveness the centerpiece at the party we are having every day.

Forgiveness is truly needed everywhere and in each instance because the ego is a judging machine. 

The ego makes war with everything.  Down to each detail, the ego always magnifies the problem.  We absolutely must forgive everything because the ego reacts promptly with that attack energy pouring forth and so the ego gets into battle over all we find in our minds.

Forgiveness must be applied to everything.

We must saturate everything with forgiveness. 

This is the only way to peace.

We also must remember that forgiveness is that feeling we are meant to bring with us that allows us to join emotionally and energetically with everyone in the situation we find ourselves. 

When we are at war with those people because the ego is doing its insane dance in the form of desperate, intense grievances, then, we are not open to sharing anything with the others.

We make our brothers and sisters our enemies when we hold grievances and so we are totally closed to any amount of going with them to get to heaven. 

The Course says God gives us our brothers and sisters and our relationships with them so we can have another avenue of learning how to get to heaven.

Our willingness to see them and forgive all is a testament that God’s will is working through us. 

We just need to be open to doing it.    Forgiving can feel like a big shift from that old ego stance of making war.

We learn in the Course to just give it all to God when we get stuck. 

We simply need to have a little willingness.  

No more. 

We don’t have to do anything but show up and converse energetically with God. 

When we can’t remember how to get on our knees and pray, because we can’t get to that place of serenity where we love and are happy to join the brothers and sisters, we are holding grievances of all kinds. 

We are asked to not worry about this.  

God always gives us all we need as support for learning how to forgive.

Just give God permission to be amazing and be open to God’s teaching about what is the true nature of forgiveness. 

That is plenty for us to do the Course says.  Trust God to carry us throughout this process.


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