ACIM Lesson 337

Lesson 337: “What is the ego?”  “My sinlessness protects me from all harm.”

This lesson says, “I must accept Atonement for myself, and nothing more.” 

The Course reminds us that our At-One-Ment with God is all we need to be safe, whole, healed and truly happy. 

Our “Atonement”- that the Course refers to- is simply that awareness that we are one with God, and that we always have been and forever will be. 

Our Atonement is the simple awareness that we are made from the same Godly energy, because God created us.

Therefore, it follows that God is our benefactor and God knows exactly what we need.

He also gives us exactly what we want in our deepest heart’s desire, because  He is committed and overjoyed at the prospect of supporting us in every way imaginable and more as well. 

God stops at nothing to keep His promises.  God can’t help but love us because we are of the same ilk.

The Atonement is entirely easy and straightforward. 

We simply are asked to have the awareness that God loves us infinitely and that this is extended forever.

This Atonement affords us peace of mind, and a clear consciousness, and the surety that our sinful nature was just a mistaken projection- which is easy to erase.

 The Course reminds us how simple is our Atonement from God.  It is nothing but the knowing we are loved by God.  That is totally simple.

The Course invites us to make this as easy as possible. 

The ego is always complicating everything. 

The ego always tries to add more because the ego believes in scarcity fundamentally, and that we do have a very minute pile of goods.  

And so the ego is always grabbing- in hopes for gaining more.

 This is why the ego ends up adding to everything- just because ego is attached to the extreme of excess.

The problem with this is that the ego always adds to God’s Love, which is perfect in itself. 

And, so when the ego adds, then, God’s perfection in some way appears to be lessened. 

The ego’s trinkets usually dull the potent Light of God’s Love.

This is why we are asked to not bring anything that is not God centered, especially when the ego is just amassing for its own purposes.


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