ACIM Lesson 153

Lesson 153: “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

This lesson says, “Salvation can be thought of as a game that happy children play.  His game instructs in happiness because there is no loser.”  

The Course gives us a perfect motivation in these ideas.  It feels so good to think this way and to approach our lives this way.  We just need to take this in deeply.

Salvation is not a chore to be taken care of by those obedient to their chores. 

Salvations is rather something we can look forward to because of the blessing it is to us. 

Salvation is the way to be light and happy because it is God’s gift to us.  

The Course reminds us that life in the world is a dream, and therefore, all we are doing is working to make the happiest dream for ourselves in the time we are on earth.  

Choosing to be with God is certainly our number one priority, so we make that our constant, but, once we get good it, it becomes our automatic focus on God all the time. 

Then, we don’t have to make any extra effort to connect with our Godly purpose.  Once we get practiced at holding God in our minds and holding God’s Will for us all the time, then, we can take our lives to the next level of getting even better.

When we act in the world, our purpose, whenever we can, is to make our dream a happy dream- where we remember to love everything and forgive as our constant through the day. 

Then, the world becomes truly happy because we are dedicating ourselves to bringing love, which is God’s purpose, and also ours when we just sit and remember the truth of what we want.

We bring love and forgiveness and miracles to everything and we remember that we can be light all the time. 

God’s only energy is light and, therefore, when we bring God’s purpose, then, we will also be light, We will bring lightness with us in all of our worldly interactions.

Since the world is not real, that means we simply are dreaming the dream, and this is ok as long as we forgive ourselves along the way.

The beautiful thing is that we get to play all the time.  

One of the most important messages of the Course is that salvation is meant to be fun. 

Who would have ever thought this when we went to Sunday school and got struck if we did not recite the Hail Mary properly.

Much too often the ego interferes with the messages of religions, and unfortunately people have often not treated each other well when they were confused about the true essence of what God was saying.

I love the Course’s message about how light salvation is, and that it is a game for happy children to play.

That is such a different message than our outdated messages about God and salvation.

When games are played in the world, so often there is a loser. 

The world always appears to be in lack in whatever message it portrays. 

The Course says that we have the right to be happy because everyone wins in the end. 

No one gets the short end of the stick because there is enough for everyone.

This lack of limitation is the fundamental Course message. 

It makes me want to get up tomorrow and keep reading it because it is so full of love and generosity.


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