1-15-15 Lesson 15 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lesson 15: “My thoughts are images I have made.”

What strikes me in this lesson are that I am the one responsible for making this whole world I see and my body.  I am the one who created this place of insanity and I’ve done it solely with my thoughts.  We project our our thoughts and manifest what we see.  We need to take responsibility for making the challenges we see.  The incredible thing is we made them in a simple act of losing our memory of being God’s chosen ones.  We just lost our way and as a result created this mayhem of the world.

We gave images to our thoughts and then all that is not God became clear in our dream.  We made this insane reality that makes us think we were mistaken in what could actually be.  We just got the wrong word and made it into a visual reality and gave it feet to traverse the world.  Our ego’s thoughts just got us all wrong.  The ego’s thoughts are that we can be any thing other than holy.  This is why we have to forgive ourselves for losing our way.  We can forgive that we have been busy making images of what is not God.  All we are asked to do is to have the willingness to get out of the way and stop making a problem.

This lesson says, “It is not seeing.  It is image making.”  We are asked to pay close attention to the way we interpret what we see with our eyes.  We use the past so we can assign the present meaning.  We have a whole story about everything.  This is the origin of our suffering when we are not willing to simply be in the moment and inquire about what something is in the now.  When we see something, we are asked to not assume attributes based on the past’s collection of answers.  We simply ask ourselves an honest and gentle questions of  “What is this and how may I use this today to serve the greater good?”  This is the way to live in the present.

Sometimes when we live in the world, it may seem especially difficult to manage applying this kind of philosophy which seems like it would leave us stranded because we can’t use past information to function.  We are asked to deeply integrate these ideas.  The way I manage this challenge of applying such a thing as not using the past to sort out ideas to make meaning of the present is that I know more than anything that this using the past has been my primary way of living.

What we can do instead is simply go to the present with the awareness that we want to meet whatever it is in the present without considering the past.  I go into the situation with an inquiring mind.  And I ask God- how is this thing helping me now?  Then I can do what the Course suggests, even if it is at times not the perfect delivery of the philosophy.  In the meantime I am still actively applying it though awareness and curiosity.


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