ACIM Lesson 152

Lesson 152: “The power of decision is my own.”

This lesson says, “Salvation is the recognition that the truth is true, and nothing else is true.”

The Course allows us to permanently undo our doubt and confusion.

We hear from the Course that truth is true and this means that only what God says is true is true.

The ego always has parts of our minds doubting what God says because the ego thrives and flourishes when we are in a state of chaos.

We learn from the Course that we don’t have to sit around and try to figure anything out, we can relax and allow our minds to be simple.

We don’t have to make a complicated discussion within whether it is true. When God tells us in the Course that it is true, then, we need to sit back and stop trying to argue over whether it is true.

Therefore, no part of us is then resisting the truth and resisting God when we are in that state of trying to figure out the answers to God’s truth being true.

Salvation is our simple knowing that the truth is true. We just need to let ourselves take this in on a deeper level, we let it be integrated within.

We just need to get the clear information that God’s truth is true, and then, we take it in as promptly as we can.

The reason salvation is simply knowing the truth is true is, that when we do, then, we can completely rest in our certainty.

Our salvation is a consequence of our inner knowing that God’s truth is the only thing that is real.

We get the chance to save ourselves in the process of integrating this information because it allows us to be powerfully certain.

Then we no longer have need to doubt or wonder.

There is no part of us then that struggles in the clarity and strength of our certainty because we can now understand that since nothing else is true, then, we have nothing at all to do in the salvation process.

When we know that nothing else is true then it allows us to be fully invested in what we believe.

And this is what allows us to feel powerful.

God gives us every reason to give the ego permission to get out of the way.

When we allow only the truth to be true, then, we show the ego clearly that there is no place in our hearts and minds for the ego.

Our salvation rests on this simple, clear decision-making to get the ego’s stories out of our awareness.

Salvation is just the knowing that only God’s will has a presence in our minds when we are willing to choose God.


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