ACIM Lesson 151

Lesson 151: “All things are echoes of the Voice for God.”

This lesson says, “It guides your senses carefully, to prove how weak you are; how helpless and afraid, how apprehensive of just punishment, how black with sin, how wretched in your guilt.”  

This sentence from the Course just stops me cold.

It is so intense and such an accurate descriptor of how the mind with the ego is.  

It is so powerfully said it makes me stop and listen.

This is exactly the situation as I see it too when I am willing to look at what the ego’s interpretation of the world and of life as we see it is.

This is something we are learning to get used to- seeing the truth. 

A stark truth like this one can feel totally paralyzing for a moment because it is so extreme.

This is how the ego sees us and so often we just let it slip by, we don’t draw attention to the true nature of how things are. 

It is much easier not to rock the ship and disturb the ego’s status quo.

The Course says it like it is.

And it is also hard to hear at times. 

What we need to do is forgive this about ourselves that we wriggle with some discomfort when we get honest about how our minds are when we let the ego do its thing. 

But this momentary squirm is just quick and we can just sit in the powerful position of being honest with ourselves and being honest with God. 

We get totally charged in a healthy and happy way when we are in the state of honesty because we are open to God’s energy.

When we are honest our inner energy is aligned, and simply in the state of order. 

Therefore, we can then allow God’s energy to flow in as well because God’s energy is the same type.

Because of this reason, they allow each other to most successfully coexist.

This honesty is part of how we get to the next step.  We want to see how stuck we are when we believe the ego’s belief system.    Just appreciate that when we really look at the ego’s way of being, it is a total nightmare.

We want the ego to permanently vacate our minds because nothing the ego brings us feels good. 

Just be open to the reality where we exclude any interpretation that is not God’s. 

The ego has zero information about how to judge things, no experience telling us like it is. 

We must stay in the awareness that we have no successful view of things if we allow the ego to interpret.

God gives us all the answers if we just allow God to be the guide and remember to get the ego out of the way.


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