Lesson 184 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lesson 184: “The Name of God is my inheritance.”

Jesus teaches us in the Course that our technique of using language to communicate- words as ideas- is not capturing the true essence of the essential nature of what we see.  We use these words as the closest things we can manage in the intention of conversing and communicating our ideas.  This is a great gift as it is because otherwise we would not be able to communicate mostly on earth since this is the way most people express ideas.  But we are encouraged to realize that our words are symbols and therefore do not actually contain the experience of the words.  We are asked to understand that words for sure fall short of the ideal use of them which would be to accurately communicate what we want to say.

Let’s know that words always fall short of what we hope they will communicate.  However, words are the closest we are coming now to saying what we want to say.  The same is true about God’s name.  God’s name is simply a word.  Therefore, we can’t give it more possibility of communicating accurately what is in our minds.  Let’s forgive this because any system of communicating words is always going to fall short of what we might hope they will do.  When words are all we have, let’s be kind about them.  Let’s thank them for giving us another way to communicate, and let’s also hold their shortcomings.  But then, let’s use them to our highest advantage at this juncture when we are attempting to erase any idea of separation from God.

Let’s know that when we use words to define something, we are actually in a way giving it a box to live in which is now separated from the whole.  Words are the best we can do in this crazy world that seems to be all about individual identities of people and words and all of the world.  But let’s remember even if we see space between us and that other person, there is not even a little separation from the other people.  The separation never happened because we are all combined energetically to all other people and God.  And even the words have no space that give them the resemblance of something separate.  This belief in separation is all part of the bad dream and untrue for sure.

This lesson says- great that we know the world.  We can use this information as a starting place.  It helps that we learn about the world so we learn how to learn and also we have a platform from which we can later jump. The world is all about learning and we base our reality on the what we see. Also, the definition of that in addition what we perceive becomes the foundation of what believe is true reality.  This is the perfect beginning.

Somewhere along the line we can receive or hear a call in which we wonder if we are perceiving correctly.  And we may wonder if reality gets any better than what we currently perceive.  This is part of our ability to undo our minds eventually.  When we have the smallest bit of doubt that perhaps things could be better, this is the first loosening of our grip on the reality we believe in at that time.  When we start to question in our minds this is the perfect next step in the undoing process.  Therefore, this is a further step in what we will want to do finally which is realizing that it will be most certainly beneficial to invite a new system of our thinking in to our inner most mind.  Then changing the way we think will be complete.


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