ACIM Lesson 53

Lesson 53: Review: “My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.”  “I am upset because I see a meaningless world.”  “A meaningless world engenders fear.”  “God did not create a meaningless world.”  “My thoughts are images I made.”

The problem is when the ego declares that the world is for sure any particular way and then with this specific interpretation of the world, this necessarily causes us pain and suffering. 

The problem occurs when we make the world any particular way.

When we do, our egos get attached to the suffering in the world, believe in it, and are totally immersed in experiencing it because it seems and feels so real.

Jesus’s word used here is especially perfect; this word ‘meaningless’ describes the world. 

When we allow the world to be meaningless, our suffering disappears because we make the world unreal.  If we accept the world has no meaning, then all of the ego’s tricks become obsolete because the world’s meaning is now something we can rather write on with God’s purpose instead of the ego’s.  The meaninglessness allows us to get out of the way of God’s plan.

The meaninglessness gets to us emotionally out of upset because it has a neutral context and neutral meaning. 

Everything that previously used to escalate the ego’s suffering, simply ceases to be.

The purpose of God’s is something we can choose to put in place of the world’s insanity and distress. 

When we forget to see the world as meaningless, then everything in it bothers us.

We become a sponge for attack energy and we become a living emotional roller coaster. 

This happens when we fix the world with the ego’s meaning.  This is never helpful.

We are asked to simply appreciate that we can do things entirely differently. 

When we see a meaningless world, we get swept up in our fear.

We are all vulnerable when we live in the world to the world’s attack energy. This never feels good.

The Course reminds us that God did not create a meaningless world. 

Because God did not create it, the world does not exist.

The beauty of this certain fact is that it is the guarantee that God has much greater things in store for us.

When we think God might have made the world, then it is hard to buy the possibility that this would never happen.

This is why the Course assures us that God simply never would make a meaningless world because God is perfect. 

Then it surely follows that God would never do anything counter to His Will and purpose. 

This why it simply would never happen.

If we have the utmost assurance that God would not create a meaningless world, then it is far easier to be open to the possibility that this is true. 

Then if we see that it is true without a doubt, then all we have to do is take it in and accept it in our own pace.


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