ACIM Lesson 169

Lesson 169: “By grace I live.  By grace I am released.”  

The Course teaches us how to live in grace via our serenity.  We want to give God permission to be the one Who allows us to be in this state of serenity.

We want God be the one to give this to us because God is the only one who truly knows the specific nature of the energy that we are meant to feel when we get into a surrender. 

We want to let God be in charge of teaching us how to get into a space of letting things go.  The surrender is God’s way of demonstrating to us how to let God’s energy in instead of our own ego’s.  The egos cringe at this and avoid it at all costs- joining with God in the surrender.  The appropriate God- surrender energy is an easy open energy.  The ego only gives us restriction and suffering.

We want to get into that humble place in our minds. 

We must remember that we are not the ones who know how to do anything when we are not doing things with God. 

The humble way is to acknowledge that our egos do not have the answers that will make us happy.  We want to sink into this humility and feel the openness it allows us to feel.

When we let our minds be available to be written upon by God then we have an open heart and serenity can truly happen. 

If we don’t surrender to God we will end up with only the ego’s message- dark and dreadful.

We can be in the moment feeling our humility with God, but while we show up with our humble heart, we also simultaneously want to feel our certainty.

When we feel our certainty we are reminded and can connect with the fact that we are totally worthy of God’s Love and advantage and that we are worthy of all measures of abundance in the world.

The certainty is the reminder that we are completely lovable. 

When we remember we are lovable then we actually act lovable in the world because it feels real to us.

This is why we want to feel certainty within us because this is the basis for feeling feelings that make us happy.

The Course say that we want to make sure we are surrendering with God.  We want to give everything to God.  We also want to be happy about this opening to God because it is the only way to be truly light and happy.  We can enjoy this process as well.  The Course says that it matters that we do this process with love and deep respect for ourselves because we learn that we can feel this way about ourselves.  We want to not get ourselves into the position of forgetting what the Course calls our grandeur.

This grandeur is the deep knowing that we are worthy of all good things and of course this includes our salvation from God.

The grandeur allows us to remember that we are complete and whole and healed all the time. 

That means we can identify with this state of grandeur which is the certainty of God.  Therefore, as a result we learn to have deep respect for ourselves.

This means that we value ourselves enough to remember that we are totally worthy while we also feel totally humble in our surrendering to God. 

We can feel both at the same time and they are not in contrast.  On the contrary, they actually magnify each other.

That means  that our job is staying focused on feeling and exuding the energy of serenity and certainty in our repeated releasing to God whatever we may have stored on God’s altar.   Then, we need to release this.  Maintaining our emotional states in this process is a totally essential part of doing the Course.

God gives us these tools so we can learn how to feel with God in all respects that are important, which includes all. 

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    Humble Certainty

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