Lesson 326 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lesson 326: “What is Creation?”  “I am forever an Effect of God.”

The energy that creates us is from God, God wills us to be present in energy and then form is created as well.  The Course says that God does not create what is impermanent officially.  God creates only God energy.  This is where we come from.  I think of God like a vast ocean and we are the cells in the water.  Little drops of water, that further get individualized into cells that are infinitely smaller than the whole mass but still perfectly in essence the same as the vast ocean that is God.

The Course says we don’t want to try to make sense of how grand God is by making worldly contrasts.  This definitely limits God.  All of our worldly comparisons are incorrect and certainly limit God to something we can comprehend with our human experience thus far.  The Course says however that this is an error.   We are invited to learn the philosophy with some worldly contrasts to help us make sense of God but while we do this let’s simultaneously remember God is never so small as something we can even quantify.  We have to just use our imagination to make sense of God, and then know this is still a limit on God.  We have to just keep opening our minds further to learn how God truly is.

The Course explains more about the details of how God loves us and what would be the kind of life and energy we will have if and when we allow God’s perfect energy to intertwine with ours in the joining in our union with God.  God wants us to realize that God is absolutely perfect.  There is no almost with God.  God automatically gives us the emotional state through love and forgiveness that always leaves us happy and peaceful.  God is the teacher and demonstrator of this Love that is beyond our comprehension because it is so extraordinary.  It is the perfect experience of a Love that leaves us never wanting in any way.  We are invited to live in this Love and feel this Love as it is our Source for abundance and a light joy that never ceases.

This lesson says that I am forever an Effect of God.  This word is capitalized because it is God energy.  We are God in essence that comes to this Universe in the shape of our minds, and momentarily while we are on earth we are of God there too.  God gives us the essence of God.  God’s energy is naturally extended because this is the true nature of Love.  God naturally flows forth as this is part of what Love does.  Love moves to fill every space that looks empty so that God can remain everywhere.  We are just one part of that God energy.  This is why we have the spectacular chance to simply be God’s one manifestation.   We are an Effect of God, meaning that we are holy and always will be holy as God’s essence but we are just one part of the infinity of God.

We just need to realize who we are.  We are God’s creations, we are God’s Light.  We are exact replicas of God energy because we all have the individual cell in the huge God ocean.  This cell never changes; God brings forth eternal and everlasting comfort.


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