ACIM 332

Lesson 332: “What is the ego?”  “Fear binds the world.  Forgiveness sets it free.”

Forgiveness is for the healing of the idea that there is something wrong. 

The Course says that fear is the opposite of love and that love is the basic essence and energy and intention of God. 

This means that love is perfect and works perfectly when it is applied to the world’s happenings, even if we don’t understand why the results in the world happen as the do.

We can just sit and trust that love always perfectly heals whatever was the call for love.  

Forgiveness on the other hand is an emotion that God gives us to heal the world’s illusions. 

The Course says that the world is all illusion and everything that happens there is not real as we are not real.  We just need to get used to the idea that we are not real and all we see happening is just a figment of our imagination.

However, God gives us an illusion that brings us to heaven’s gate. 

If we were only with God all the time, we would only experience love, as God is a feeling and experience and essence. 

Therefore, in the midst of God, we would just feel love.

There would be no story, nothing to fix in the world because it would cease to exist and be noticeable, when we stop making this worldly illusion real in our minds.

The Course reminds us that forgiveness is the only helpful and useful illusion. 

God gave us forgiveness specifically so we can finally get out of this belief that there is a problem anywhere.  When the ego makes drama, we often buy into it because it seems so real.  But all the drama needs is our forgiveness to disappear.   When we forgive everything, the situation, ourselves and all others, then we get to the place where we feel so good and we heal all those wounds we thought we had but were simply errors in our perception.

Everything in our minds starts to shift because we no longer stay glued to watching the illusion of life before us.

Forgiveness is a type of love that was made specifically for our use in the world.  When we thought we had separated from God, we started to believe that the world was real and we needed something to heal us from this huge error in our beliefs.

This is why God made forgiveness because it is the feeling of realizing finally there is nothing wrong and that we are meant to go hand in hand with our brothers and sisters to God. 

Forgiveness allows us to get beyond what we think are differences between us. 

Forgiveness allows us to be free from ego mentality that we are all sinners and deserve punishment. 

Forgiveness is the only worldly illusion we need to heal ourselves.  And, this forgiveness applied to all, gets us right back to God in a heart beat because it is as similar to God as it can be and still be of the world.


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