ACIM Lesson 267

Lesson 267: “What is the Body?”  “My heart is beating in the peace of God.”

This lesson says, “Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness.” 

The Course reminds us that God is in our hearts and minds.

We see God as the state of peace and infinite, fulfilling and perfect love. 

We let God be in our center, where we can always access peace within. 

We have this God given state that is forever tenable, we just have to be willing to access it and see it and receive it because it is already within us.

We are given the purpose of bringing God’s love to the world in the form of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is a version of God’s love that is appropriately tailored to bring to the world to heal and solve every problem there. 

Forgiveness is the acceptance with a totally neutral heart.  We always have the ego’s judgment in the world and forgiveness is that way to approach everything.

Instead of judging, we bring God’s light, perfect, everlasting, and unconditional love. 

Forgiveness is that unconditional love where we are willing to see in the world that nothing bad ever happened there in the first place. 

When we forgive, we get out of the nightmare of the ego because we bring a totally sturdy love in the form of miracles in the world.

We allow God’s magic in the form of love expressed to transform the masses.

The Course gives us the instruction to keep God in our hearts and move from a constant energy and consciousness of love and peace because it is the essence of God. 

We are also asked to bring in the world this radical love that God teaches us here.  We can give the world forgiveness because it is meant to heal all.

We have the clear instruction here to allow our bodies to be used for the purpose of God.

Often bodies seem like part of the ego’s world, and thus, we may try to not think of them as vessels for God’s healing. 

But we are asked to give everything we have to God and allow God to teach us how to make best use of what we have. 

We must trust God and have faith in His plan.  We want to know that God wants to teach us to use our bodies to forgive the world and bring peace.

We can just appreciate that our bodies now have the most exquisite purpose, because we give them expressly to God. 

Just appreciate that God can teach us to forgive and bring light to heal the world with just our acknowledgement that it is worth doing.


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