1-8-15 Lesson 8 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lesson 8: “My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.”

Our minds are the place of imbalance when we are not in our right minds and feeling the energy of God.  The ego’s mind actually becomes obsessed with past thoughts.  This is what being preoccupied does to us.  The ego is not thinking about the past in healthy, balanced ways.  Rather it is so focused on the past, it creates an energy of attachment and rigidity because the ego’s sole focus is what happens when it thinks about the past.

The ego doesn’t know how to remember from a place of forgiveness and non-judgement.  Then the ego just chews on this slowly and fiercely because it refuses to let the present moment enter into the equation.  When the ego becomes preoccupied with the past, it simply can’t stop making the past a problem.
This is how the ego functions.  We have to understand the ego doesn’t have a maker supporting it into making a balanced behavior.  The ego just relies on its old unhealthy approach.  The ego causes us to become utterly focused on the downers and the woes of the past.  Our egos become a machine that just spits out the past to create the new present with nothing other than its old song.

The ego can’t let up this intensity of focus on the past.  The past seems to fill up every open spot in our minds.  This is why we have to allow the past to disappear from our reality.  When we see the past as unreal, then we can get beyond these insane judgements of how we are victims of what happened before.

When we let the ego run our shows, inevitably we get bombarded with feelings of being victimized.  The past is always a great story of what could have happened and should have happened.  The past is the basis of our belief that our suffering is real and that it is justified.  This is why we have to be vigilant about staying focused in the moment, and let the past be a non-existent memory.  And we can know the past is what makes us prisoner of our own self-made hell.


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