1-9-15 Lesson 9 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lesson 9: “I see nothing as it is now.”

We are getting multiple practices at coming to terms with the reality that we are focused on the past and almost never entirely in the now.  We are asked to realize this is the root of our suffering when we are reliving the past with a major chip on our shoulder.   This is because we think we are qualified to judge the past and then we recreate it into the present.  Our whole perception is skewed because we don’t manage or sometimes don’t even try to stay grounded in the present satisfactorily.  Instead, we get whisked away to some unfortunate repeat of the past.

Our ideas about the present get written in the past’s language and we don’t see that the  view of what is now is all distorted.  We buy into the past’s version of how to see things.  This inevitably causes us pain.  And when we use the past to give us information about how to define what we see in the present, we always end up with the wrong picture.  The past is just a boat load of judgement.  When we make that our way to be informed then we suffer because we repeat the pain of this faulty perception.

This lesson says, “In fact, the recognition that you do not understand is a prerequisite for undoing your false ideas.”  We may not understand all the implications of what this lesson means but this is ok because at this point, we don’t have to understand to be able to practice the lesson.  We don’t have to do anything but practice and over time the meaning will become clear.  Therefore, if we resist practicing this lesson, just buck up, and do it anyway.  The meaning will become clear over time.  This is the beauty of how we can use our faith of the love of God and our faith that A Course In Miracles will teach us well so make the effort to learn.

Then we allow ourselves to be in the state of not understanding and blessing that even if the ego is uncomfortable with that.  This not understanding allows us to be open to learning because we aren’t clutching to the ego’s ideas of being a know-it-all.  We can get out of the ego’s arrogance and simply let this temporary lack of understanding to be a stepping stone to our transforming our lives into an expression of peace.


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