ACIM Lesson 202

Lesson 202: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “I will be still an instant and go home.”

This lesson says, “Why choose to stay an instant more where I do not belong, when God Himself has given me His Voice to call me home.” 

The Course reminds us that we are totally capable of reaching God and hearing from God on our own.  We don’t need any religious leaders to translate God’s message for us.  We don’t have to chance the fact that that the religious speaker could be mistakenly listening to their own ego in the translation process and have a tainted message as a result.

The consequence would be some mistaken information about what God is actually saying and meaning.

Jesus cares that we get always an unadulterated translation.  

When we listen to the voice of God within us then we know exactly what Jesus means because it is like our returning to our familiar home.

The Course says that we are valued enough by God that God will speak right to us and through us.

God thinks we are worthy.  The ego always makes it seem like we would never be chosen by God.  The Course’s interpretation of our relationship with God to me is ultra healing since we are so loved.  Furthermore, we are so lucky to love the God we do.    The Course says our task is to listen to God.

We are meant to get quiet within and listen to what God asks from us and then respond from an elevated perspective. 

We are worthy enough to converse from God and realize that God is giving us all the direction we need to get exactly where we are meant to go.

The Course reminds us that we don’t have to do anything to be worthy of coming home to God.

We don’t have to wait lifetimes on our best behavior before God would take it for granted that we are worthy of getting into God’s kingdom. 

This is a huge relief.

When we have to wait for God’s love, this can seem like forever because it feels wrong to not remember that we are connected to God all the time. 

This wrong feeling feels like it alters time.  Our separation never truly happens the Course says, we are always connected to God, but sometimes we forget.  This is why the Course teaches us to be vigilant in what we think because our thinking all becomes reality.  If not in this very second, then soon.  This is why we are asked to stay focused on choosing our thinking with a forgiving heart and mind.

I appreciate how gentle God is here in this message of calling us home. 

God doesn’t force us.  God loves us so much and has dedicated His Being to caring for us and providing us with the benefit we so want in life.

But with that same thought- even with God’s dedication to us- God never decides in any way that we owe Him allegiance or owe Him any reward whatsoever.

God is never harsh or controlling like the ego.

God cares for us so deeply that He is enthusiastic beyond belief in calling us home.

But God is never with an angry heart or never punishing us for not coming through quickly with our return. 

This is because God loves us with a perfect love.  Imperfect love is petty and self serving.  This is the opposite of God and therefore God’s desire to see us return is purely loving.  There is no hint at all of God having any agenda beyond His own desire to love us.  That means that we always get truly supported in God’ s plan for our return.


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